Erin’s 2012 Fitness Goals

2011 was a year where I got back into fitness in a big way. I’ve always been an on-again, off-again runner, but I finally committed, to great results. A year later, I have 2 half-marathons, 1 15k race, and 3 10k races under my belt.

It was an interesting year, as I struggled with bringing together what I expected my body to do, and what it could actually do. Thoughts like “Of course my first HM will be under 2 hours!”, “15k with little proper training? No problem!” were frequent in those early days. Now, I have a solid base to build on and can set reasonable — and achievable — goals.



1) Run a marathon

I keep toying with this idea, but I need to get over any fear or anxiety I have about this. I just need to put it out there and try my best. I have my sights set on the Goodlife Toronto Marathon on May 6th (training shall commence in a few short days!). While the hope is to just finish the damn thing, I’m keeping a 4:45 time goal in the back of my head. Because running your first marathon isn’t hard enough…


2) Do yoga weekly

I was a semi-religious yogi before I took up running. I rarely missed my Sunday ashtanga class. But as running became more and more frequent, I found it harder to fit in a weekly yoga class — especially during the busy literary seasons. Excuses no more! I’ve built 2 weekly yoga classes into my marathon training. I’m going to need that downtime as I creep into 50k+ and 60k+ weeks.


3) Run a sub-55:00 10k

A weird thing happened in my three 10k races. Each run was stronger and more consistent than the last — but each one was slower. I chalk thing up to the courses being harder and harder. My 10k PR is 57:15 at Sporting Life last year. I know with a bit of speed training, sub-55:00 is within my reach this year. If I don’t snag it at the Toronto Yonge Street 10k on April 22, I plan to make this the focus of my summer running.


4) Eat better

The plans for the diet are, like every year, big! But instead of listing these as “no more sugar!” and “no more carbs!” I think it will be more achievable to simply try to eat better. I read somewhere that 50% of the food you eat every day should be raw. I’m going to do that. I’m a pretty healthy eater as it is, with one exception. CARBS. I love bagels a bit too much. So, if I plan to cut back on the fast food (bring my lunch more often!), sugar (this should be easy. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I just get lazy and eat crap) and carbs (this will be the big one), I won’t feel like a I broke a resolution or cheated if I slip up every once in a while.

Besides, eating better will mean running better. That should be enough, right?


5) Become a morning person

Why? I like my mornings. I like the ritual of reading the news and drinking coffee and getting ready for the day. And the earlier I can wake up, the more fitness I can fit into a day. But I’m the kind of girl that needs a good 8 (or 9 or 10) hours od sleep a night. So this morning person goal means shutting the TV and computer down and closing the books early — 9pm is the goal! If it goes well, that’s an hour to unwind and a 10pm shut eye — which I need if I’m going to start saying hello to 6:30am.

Wish me luck!






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