Just another Thursday

I don’t know about you, but if I’m looking for a quick fix yoga is my go to. And there is no better place to be than Moksha Yoga Downtown on a Thursday Night. One, Thursday just happens to be my trade night at the studio and second it’s Yin Yoga night! My favorite!!

Sooo soothing! I could sleep right on that floor...

For those not familiar, let me introduce to you Yin Yoga. This style of yoga focuses on the deep connective tissues in the body and finds an amazing way to stretch these out. Primarily, targeting the shoulders and hips you will deepen your overall practice in a whole new way! Any regular yogi should be at a yin class on fairly regular bases. It highly recommended – not only by myself – but most yoga teachers will tell you the same. Don’t be alarmed when you hear you’ll be holding poses for 3 to 5 minutes (yes, this does sound scary) but trust me you’ll be surprised at how fast 60min flies by!

Oh and I should also tell you, these classes are done mostly on the floor lying down and don’t require much movement. Sounds great, right? So come say hi and make the late night visit for class – the only downer is the time, 9:45pm, but you’ll sleep like a baby afterwards.

Or if this is too late for your schedule, there is a 6pm class on Sundays. You’re body and practice will be sure to thank you after class. I’ll probably be there too.

Yeah, I practically live there. It’s that good.




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