Spin + Yoga = Spynga


What: 60 minute spyngaFlow
When: Tuesday @ 6:15pm
Where: Spyna: the Yoga & Cycling Studio (1415 Bathurst Street)
Who: Joanna Rosenberg


What do you get when you combine spinning with a little yoga? You get Spynga of course.


This looks crazy, right? This is Spygna.This image is from Spynga's Facebook page.


Sypnga?! I know, this was my thought too just over a year ago when I was a Spynga virgin. I first heard about this “Spin-ga” from a colleague at work. She would rave to me about this amazing place that offered classes where you spin and do yoga. Spinning and Yoga… say whaaat?!? Was there even such a thing? Apparently so because not to long after this, I found myself making the treck to Bathurst and St. Clair to give Spynga a whirl. I don’t travel north of Bloor, it just doesn’t happen.

Now there is something you have to understand other than my ignorance of Spinning Yoga, at this point in the fitness regime I never spun in a real spinning class before. Ever. The thought of spinning scared me to death. Back while I was a GBC gym rat I loved the bike. It was a easy cardio workout out that wasn’t running. I liked being in control of my workout and avoiding a room full of hardcore bikers. But, what I didn’t like was my tendency not to crank up the resistance or increase my speed. That was until James came along. James was my video instructor on the new spinning bike George Brown brought to the fitness centre. James and I started dating instantly — yes I named the guy in the videos James. I would select the program and length of time I wanted and James would instruct me on what to do. It was perfect, now I could tell people I was a spinner and I had someone to push me when I wanted to slack off. Sadly, as most college relationships end, this did too — when I began to believe James was calling me by name, I needed to start seeing other people.

And so I agreed to this “Spinning Yoga” and gave Spynga a try. It was love at first sight! Not only was the class a bizarre combination that surprisingly meshed together perfectly, the act of spinning to the voice and command of a real instructor was amazing (sorry James).

So last Tuesday, a year later, I find myself traveling North of Bloor once again for one reason – to take my trusty ‘ol Passport to Prana to the tiny St. Clair studio to spin my little hear out once again, then flush it out with a solid yoga sequence. I felt strong on the bike and heck knowing it’s only 30 minutes till you hit the mat — you might as well go for it! 8 days into my 30 day challenge I was craving a “work out” the kind that yoga can’t satisfy me with. And seeing how there is a yoga component to class, it totally counted. It may also explain why on day 9 I hated my life, but that’s another story.

Our instructor for the 6:15pm 60 minute spygnaFlow was Joanna Rosenberg. And boy, did Joanna gave me the push I was looking for! Finishing the spinning component blaring Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You”, which I love for two reasons now 1) because of Glee and 2) it’s a kiss ass song to sprint to. Joanna, my life needed your class.

You can listen to Kelly belt it out below. You know you want to:



It still surprises how similar these teachings actually are.


Take this class if: you’re an experienced yogi looking to throw a curve ball in your practice. The yoga sequence is quick and light, but after a good spin this really tests your balance.




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