Extensions and inversions on a Saturday morning

What: 90 minute Flow
When: Saturday at 10am
Where: Kula Toronto (304 Brunswick Avenue)
Who: Aaron Slade
Kula is a studio I like a lot and go to quite a bit. (I’d like to go more often, but unless I give up sleep, I don’t know how that’s going to happen.) This morning, I tackled an Aaron Slade flow class, because my pal JK has mentioned (on more than one occasion), it was a class that needed to be in my regular yoga rotation.

Now, I understand why.


We tried this pose today. I am confident my end result looked nothing like this.


This morning, yoga was all about the fundamentals: posture, aligning, muscle engagement, and understanding how this all comes together in each pose. It was a great re-affirmation of what yoga should be about and how your body should move in class.

It wasn’t easy. Thinking about the front of your shins, the backs of your thighs, your wrists, your heel, and balance and twist without falling over is a challenge. But it’s a different kind of challenge than most yoga classes. It really forces you to be in the here and now and think about why you are engaging this way with your body.

Aaron’s class was a learning experience, but it was also playful. We jumped up and down, tried hand-balance poses so far beyond anyone in the class that we were laughing at their mere mention. While the class as a whole wasn’t physically challenging, there were opportunities to push myself — sometimes to success (I held crow my longest ever!), others to disaster (I roll what where? Huh? Wait, falling down isn’t supposed to happen…)

After class, I wasn’t tired. Hell, I wasn’t even sweaty. But that’s okay. I left with a better understanding of my practice, and a greater appreciation for how different teachers offer me different things.

And isn’t that the whole point?

Take this class if: you want to get back to the basics. It will take your practice to the next level, I swear!



4 thoughts on “Extensions and inversions on a Saturday morning

  1. Sarah M. says:

    Kula is the first place I ever heard a yoga instructor curse. I can’t remember his name, but he did it deliberately and cheekily and it totally broke the tension for all of us who were gritting our teeth and trying to “get through” the class instead of approaching the poses from a patient place. I loved it there.

    • Erin says:

      Ha, that’s the best story! I love Kula for that reason. They make yoga fun. The only downside is that it is far from my house.

  2. JK says:

    God, how annoying am I with my yoga peer pressure? Good thing I’m right so much. Glad to have you there on Saturday!

    Also: re: swearing. I was in that class, or one like it. At one point Aaron Slade went, “And if all else fails, just chill the fuck out.” It was awesome. (Then, to my further entertainment, he added, “It’s funny when yoga teachers swear”)

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