Where’s the Reiki?


What: Reiki Restorative, 90 minutes
When: Friday at 8:30pm
Where: Kula Toronto (304 Brunswick Avenue)
Who: Chrys


Last year I was introduced to the wonders of Reiki Restorative yoga at Kula. Living practically beside the studio you’d think I would be there all the time. But, for some reason I wasn’t sold on the place. Could it be my completely unbiased love for Moksha? Perhaps. That was until Jackie Szabo hypnotized me with the Reiki, and I didn’t even know what this meant. I love yin yoga, but I lovveee restorative too. It’s basically sleeping while you’re in a pose. And there are blankets, and cushions involved.

Let’s face it. I just love yoga. Period. But, I was a skeptic about this Reiki business. Figured it was just another sell-on-yoga-inspired nonsense. Seriously though, how does someone “play” with your energy? I don’t know. But, Jill (the Reiki teacher) can and does.


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I took my good friend (and yin partner in crime Parul) because she too trusts everything Jackie says. I felt the teacher outlining my body without even touching me. It was a crazy feeling, but if you want an even crazier story, you’ll have to ask Parul for hers.

So another year later I march myself back over to Kula on a Friday evening just for Reiki. Knowing Erin and I were going to Joga the next morning, I figured a restorative class (with Reiki!) would be perfect.

To my surprise, and sheer disappointment, my second Kula experience did not live up to its expectations at all. Arriving to what looked like a group of distracted staff, I signed in for class and was left wondering where on earth I should go and what I should be doing. I followed the sound of ladies voices and luckily found the right change room. Okay, I know the studio isn’t all that big and next impossible to get lost in, but I like having people give me directions even if I already know know where I’m going, or just ask me if I’ve been here before. This makes me feel welcomed and not scared to be there taking the class.

So off I go into class not knowing anything or what props I needed. Again, I just followed crowd. Once in class Chrys announces there is no Reiki instructor for the evening. WHAT?! This was the reason why I came! If only I had of known this earlier I would have saved my class on my Passport to Prana for another Friday evening when Jill would have been there. Please, Kula, next time have this info on the website. Or at least let me know before I sign in.

The class was still nice to take, but I left feeling very sad on the inside.


Take (the actual Reiki) class if: You want a gental release from your practice and are open to the idea of energy. 


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