Monday Miles: Marathon Training Week #4



This thing is two weeks away. The fact I’m running at all right now amazes me.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Monday: 5.1k in 40 minutes

I remember pretty much nothing about this run. I was tired and sore and got home too late to go to a yoga class. So I laced up the sneakers and got out there for a short recovery run. I didn’t last long, but I’m glad I got a few miles in.

Tuesday: Hot Hour @ Kula

Because I ran the day before, I felt comfortable taking a day off from running on Tuesday. My legs were feeling very stiff, and an hour with Linseed helped me loosen up. While this class is normally a 2 out of 10 on the difficult scale, my muscles screamed their way through this one.

Wednesday: 9.4k in

Another late run after a long work day. I did my usual long run East End route but mixed up the side streets in hopes to pass the 10k mark. I didn’t. Oh well, next time.

Thursday: rest

I woke up to rain and book club was that night. No running.

Friday: rest

Ooops. Again, a morning rain and evening plans. Oh, and laziness.

Saturday: Joga with Jana, 7.1k in 54:50

Joga was interesting. I recommend it, but know what you are getting into. By Saturday, I was worried about my weekly kilometre count, so I headed out in a snowstorm to rack up a few miles. It was slow and slippery, but it was done.

I still have yet to do a hill workout. This is not good.

Sunday: 6k solo, 9k PubRuns, 3k solo = 18k in 2:21:30

My favourite run of the month: pubruns! A complete recap of my monthly get-together with fellow book-loving runners (or run-loving book people) will be posted later this week, but I kicked off the planned 8k group run with 6 (slow) kilometres solo. I was soooooooore from joga. Unbelievably sore. And I went out on Saturday night, which is not the best pre-long run plan. But I’m stubborn and believe I can do it all! Who needs sleep? Or sobriety? The group met up at Broadview and Danforth for an 8k loop through Rosedale that was secretly 9k (thanks, Kendal). After some delicious brunch at Three’s Company (tomato soup, grilled cheese and salad — delicious!), I slogged my way through the final 3k home for two reasons: I wanted a 40k tally and I refused to pay the $3 transit fare.


Despite the chaos in my schedule, I’ve consistently hovered around the 40k per week mark. The double rest day, while not on the schedule, was probably for the best. But, if I ever want my weekly mileage to increase, that can’t become a regular occurrence. For week number 5, I’m keen to hit 50k. Let’s see if I can do it without killing myself.







4 thoughts on “Monday Miles: Marathon Training Week #4

  1. Kendal says:

    Muh ha ha. The “route” really was 8k, just brunching at Three’s Company made it an additional kilometre. I really enjoyed my eggs benni, so it was worth the extra km to me!

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