Yoga Quickies


What: 20 minute Yoga session
When: Saturday at 5:45pm
Where: My kitchen


After Joga with Vanessa Saturday morning I was tired. More like exhausted. Like, Erin, I too thought I was in decent space and advancing quite well with my yoga practice. This idea was completely shot in the head after class. But, we both survived and it was great.

We then dragged ourselves home, made homemade pizzas, drank lots of coffee and continued complaining how hard Joga actually is — which I’m am determined to master, mind you, if it’s the last thing I do. So when I finally gathered the strength to get myself home I was ready to do something else, knowing in the back of my mind the plan this weekend was to double up on classes for not taking class last Monday.

I should have stayed and went running with Erin, but another idea came to mind. I’ll try yoga at home! Nicole, a teacher at Moksha Downtown, was kind enough to send me a list of her favourite yoga podcasts. I didn’t have any other plans for this Saturday night, so why not? So that’s what I did yoga in my kitchen.


My serene and sophisticated kitchen studio.


And this makes up for Sunday! Any yoga I do anywhere counts towards my 30 days. One obstacle with this 30 day challenge is fitting yoga in to your daily routine. Planing what nights or mornings you do yoga is flexible when you know how many classes you want to do in a week. Let’s face it we have lives and things come up and we don’t always have time for yoga. The big challenge can be finding the time to get yourself to a class. For the busy bee’s out there – problem solved. Now yoga can come to you, anywhere you are. I will admit I was a little thrown off at first. You have to listen to the teachers instructions clarify or you won’t know what your doing. There are no visual cues to go by, so be mindful of that. The privacy of your own home is nice so have fun with it!

Here are Nicole’s favourites:

Padmani Yoga (Yumee Chung)

Elsie’s Yoga Podcast

Hilary’s Yoga Podcast

20 Minute Yoga Sessions

Give these a try. Now you have no excuse to squeeze in that yoga quickie when you need it most. All you need is your computer and a place for you mat.



Take these classes if: You’re somewhat familiar with different yoga sequences and have at least a few classes under your belt.


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