How to survive your first 30 day challenge


Now that I successfully crossed off completing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge from my list, I’ve put together 5 key pointers (based on my own experience) so you, too, can survive your fist 30 day challenge. Hopefully at the end you’ll find a deeper appreciation to yoga — or at least a reason for doing it in the first place.




Do these 5 things and you will survive 30 days of yoga in a row:


1. Mix up your routine:

Changing up where you do yoga is a great way to forget what Day you’re on. I was terrified to think I had to take 30 classes of hot yoga straight. Don’t do this. Take a hot class one day, then a yin or restorative class the next. Or flow for 3 days. then a hot class then a yin class. Whatever you want, it is all okay. This is where a Passport to Prana comes in handy.

But, keep in mind you don’t have to be at a studio for your class to count. Try a yoga quickie or listen to a class on a CD – don’t get stuck taking the same class day after day. This includes mixing up the times when you practice. If you’re an after work yogi, try a morning class then don’t go until the next evening. The length of time between your classes can feel like ages since you last practiced.

2. Find acceptance:

I struggled with this one for a few days. Understand that doing yoga for 30 days isn’t about doing yoga for 30 days, but rather about giving the time for yourself to connect to your body and practice and letting go of everything else (wow, I sound like a teacher!). Lie in shavasana for an entire class if that’s what your body needs to do. This is yoga. Also understand your body changes daily and each day will be different from the one before. Just be there in the moment and not worrying about what the day was like prior.

3. Get a buddy:

For your fist time, don’t try this alone. Find someone at your studio — a friend, a fellow yogi, a teacher — anyone to share this experience with. Not only will you be determined to finish day 30 this way, you have someone to get you though those not-so-fun days. Tiffany was mine, and boy was I ever glad to have her around!

4. Share your progress:

Nothing made me more happy then having people ask me what day I was on. Whether it was at work, at my own studio or away on work vacations (Moksha Halifax, I owe you big time) I felt proud of myself. Tell everyone you know what you’re doing. You’ll feel great knowing you’re not the only one who cares. And talk to your teachers specifically, not only will they understand you, but they’re incredibly helpful for those not-so-great days.

5. Make a Sticker Chart

Probably the most important part of your challenge! It’s kinda sad how rewarding sticking a sticker on a chart under the day you just completed can be.


If everyone could have this girls energy and optimism 30 day challenges would be a breeze! The clap kills me every time.


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