Heating up with French Onion Soup


A few weeks ago, my pal Kendal sent me a note:


Le Papillion is cooking up a vat of French Onion Soup at Jonathan Ashbridge’s Bay park on Sunday from 10-3pm. It’s PWYC and also BYOS (bring your own spoon). Would you like to meet at a location like Broadview & Danforth and finish our run at the market?


Running with a friend? Ending with soup? Does Kendal have any idea who she was talking to? (She did.) We agreed to each run solo to Broadview and Danforth — it’s 4k for her, 3k for me — then do the 5k together to the park.

I like running with Kendal because she’s faster than me. A lot faster. What’s an easy pace for her leaves me huffing and puffing. Don’t let that 6:30 pace below fool you. It was probably 7:30 alone, 5:30 with Kendal. I need to get a fancy watch so I can do math like that. One day.

I like the challenge, though, so I’m always glad when she suggests a run together.

The Sunday was cold and dreary, which made French Onion Soup only that much more enticing. We zipped along. The run itself was unremarkable (after all, I run along Queen Street East 3 or 4 times a week), but when we got to our destination we were greeted with this:

That is a giant vat of soup. I want to eat it all. (Thanks to Kendal's husband for the photo!)

So worth it. Kendal and Pierre scooped up some of the take-home jars of soup. I declined, because even though it was Pay-What-You-Can, my $3 contribution didn’t feel like enough for hot coffee, hot soup and leftovers. It’s been over a week, and I still regret this. I may have to visit Kendal and Pierre soon. For soup. And, uh, their delightful company.



The run: 7.6k in 50:00

The route:

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