Monday Miles: Marathon Training Week #8


Well, for a non-crazed work week, this week saw my fewest number of workouts yet. However, it is my highest weekly mileage to date, thanks to an insane, pain-inducing long run on Sunday.

Monday: Zen Stretch @ The Yoga Sanctuary

Monday was a holiday in Ontario, so Jill and I checked out a class neither of us had tried before, Zen Stretch. It was interesting and left me sore for days afterward.

Tuesday: Rest

This wasn’t a planned rest day, but thanks to a fever and some severe ladypains, I didn’t have a choice. Okay, I probably did. But going to bed at 7:30 was the right choice to make.

Wednesday: 8.5k in 1:05

I still wasn’t 100%, but decided to give running a go anyway. Then my stubborn side kicked in and told me I wasn’t allowed to go home until I ran for at least an hour. After ATB, I see some speedwork in my future…

Thursday: 8.6k in 1:04

Despite taking a different route than Wednesday, I ended up with almost the exact same time and distance! Weird. This run felt better, but the monotony of running for long periods of time is starting to get to me. I need to mix this up because…

Friday: rest

I should have ran on Friday. Even a quick 5k or track work-out or hill work-out. Anything. But I didn’t because I didn’t want to. I knew if I ran long on Saturday and Sunday, I’d get close to 60k for the week, so I bailed and drank beer instead. Bad Erin.

Saturday: 11.5k in 1:33

I mapped out this route in my head and for some reason, I thought it was in the 14-15k range. I have no idea why. This is also why my pace is slower than normal — I was planning to run loooong and still have to try for 25k the next day. I ran up to Rosedale, did my favourite loop, then ran home. Oh well. It was a solid run, despite the harsh, cold wind. Is winter over yet?

Sunday: 28.1k in 3:42

So. I needed to run long on Sunday. I was aiming for 25, would have been happy with 22. Then book club decided to meet on Sunday afternoon, throwing a wrench into my plans. I would wake up as 7am to get the run in — who does that?! — or run home apres book club. We were meeting in Port Credit, so I thought this would be an interesting challenge and an opportunity to see parts of the Toronto waterfront I hadn’t seen before. Now that it’s over and I’m sitting comfortably on my couch, it doesn’t seem so bad. But while I was running? I was cursing my idiocy, cursing Lynn for living so far away and cursing every runner who has ever run a marathon and enjoyed it. Who are these people? What is wrong with them?!



All in all, I’m happy with a 57k week. Next week, I hope to top 60k and get 2 yoga classes in. I’ve been toying with trying for 30k on Sunday, but I may abandon that plan. I’m not that much of a masochist.



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