My Week In Costa Rica – Day 1

After talking about this yoga retreat for months, it finally happened. Even after my epic birthday yoga challenge, and the Spice Girls show with Erin, which ended around 1 in the morning, I somehow managed to pull myself together, pack my suitcase and catch the cab to the airport with my fellow yogis on time! It was either the beer buzz, lack of sleep or the vacation high settling in – or maybe all of the above – but I was wound for sound. Costa Rica here I come!!

Its almost been a full week of reminiscing about the beaches, the people and the food. Oh my, don’t even get me started on the food! Moira and her Feel Good Guru will change your life. Being back in this real life of mine in Toronto saddens me. A lot. How does one come back to reality after a full week of bliss – silent mornings, waking up to the warm sun, the ocean view, coffee and fresh fruit – yes this was every single morning. The one thing I’ll truly miss is the yoga, a little weird I know. No 7am class will ever compare.That Costa Rican air is intoxicating.

Considering how life changing this experience was for me (and how fit I was being considering this was a vacation – doing two yoga classes each day, plus meditations, plus excursions) however, I did eat an insane amount of food so the fitness portion may bag to differ. I could’t help myself that Ronald, was a cutie, and a great chef too. Ronald (or Ranald as I tried calling him with a Spanish tongue, but was promptly corrected) was the house chef who came to help Moira each day with brunch and dinner.

I want to share the highlights of each day with you all. This gives me another reason to continue wining about how much I want to go back. Let’s start with Sunday’s arrival:

Team Delta force (those of us who flew Delta) arrived in San Jose mid afternoon to the heat and no luggage. But the missing luggage could break our spirits we boarded the bus with no worry – at least I wasn’t concerned – while we waited the arrival of our fellow yogi retreaters. Manuel Antonio was a short hour and a half drive, so we thought. That was until we found out the highway was closed because it was Sunday – of course! Who leaves town on Sundays? Apparently no one. Plan B – take the long way because its shorter, well Dad, not this time. 3 hours later we were checking into our Costa Rican home Casa Maravilla aka the yoga sanctuary.



Dinner was served, Jackie welcomed us, hugged and kissed us all, then Brendan served up some yin yoga – which I apparently need the rest more than the yoga. I totally fell asleep in savasana and poor Allison (Dr. Allison Creech, M.Ed, ND. Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, yup we had our own naturopathic doctor at the retreat) had to wake me from my slumber. Mind you the last time I slept was over 24 hours ago (minus the bus ride and flights) so this is acceptable. The theme was move into stillness right after all.

It was going to be a good week.





4 thoughts on “My Week In Costa Rica – Day 1

  1. moira says:

    what a gorgeous photo jill!

    it really was an idyllic week wasn’t it? i’m trying to maintain my jungle calm back in the city:) was so great meeting you. thanks for writing!

    • Jill says:

      Thanks Moira and me too! In busy Toronto, keeping that jungle calm is a necessity. It’s so nice having that week together to reflect upon. I still think about it everyday!

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