My Week in Costa Rica – Day 3

Man, I really wish I could remember all the amazing things we did in Brendan’s yin classes over the week. Honest to goodness, he is a yin master. It is rather hard to believe that I – the yin student worshiper – has never taken a yin class with Brendan before this trip. If you haven’t done so yet, please do. Brendan teaches the 5pm yin class Saturdays at Moksha Danforth. Just pick up a copy of Sweat Equity and go. There is a free Moksha class in very issue (an amazing piece of information I had to share!).

Thoughts of Brendan came to mind on Sunday when it took the 6pm yin at Moksha Downtown with Bruce. Bruce is a newer teacher (to me at least, but not to the Downtown community). His class was delightful and challenging, much like Brendan’s. Another highly recommended yin experience for anyone looking for suggestions.

So, after the interesting partner work Brendan had us do, my little brain was a stirring for Tuesday day – I was going surfing! Now every guy friend I told about going to Costa Rica for amazing food and yoga all responded with “Are you going surfing?!” My response? “What? Heck no! Are you crazy?” Surfing not only scares me in the same strange way that downhill skiing does, I promised myself I would never do either due to the dramatic fact that I could die! Yes, this is very dramatic.

But what did I find myself saying months before at Moksha Downtown when Jackie said she was going on the surfing excursion? Oh, just saying, “I’ll totally learn to surf with you, Jackie!” What on earth was I thinking?!

After another fantastic vinyasa class with Jackie that morning, the bus pulled up at precisely 9:30am as scheduled to lead me to my doom. Thankfully there was a pretty big group of us going, of which most have surfed before, at one point or another. I however was the only one who had not, nor had ever, touched a surf board.

Me with my surf board before I hit the waves.

There is a certain rush that comes with surfing, which I totally understand now. I was more determined than ever. If I was going to attempt this surfing thing, I was not only going to get up and ride the waves, I was going to get up more than once and do it well!

Okay, so the third goal didn’t happen (not for a long shot) the first two did happen! With a personal teacher at my side pushing me in front of the waves then yelling at me when to stand up, I was hanging 10 by the end of the morning. I really was!

Me surfing! Be impressed!

I get why Costa Rica is a place where everyone is supposed to surf – these teachers make it too easy. I’m not complaining. I actually learned to surf and didn’t die trying.

4 thoughts on “My Week in Costa Rica – Day 3

    • Jill says:

      I hid my fear very well. I had to, I was surrounded by pros. There was no way I could be scared. But, once I knew there was sand below me and not coral or sharp objects, I felt much better!

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