My week in Costa Rica – Day 4

Today was free day! The day you could do what ever you like. Sadly, the planned excursion of white water rafting (which I totally would have done!) didn’t coordinate with our yoga schedule. Oh well, there is always next time, as my new future plan is to move to Costa Rica, invest in some real estate, and start up my very own coffee shop. I see no downside to this plan. The real challenge will be convincing my future investors this is a brilliant idea. Mom and Dad, just hear me out. A family business will be grand, I promise. Why wouldn’t you want to live in Costa Rica for part of the year and work? My mother is turning 60 this summer (now she’s going to kill me for letting that one slip), I see this as a new retirement move for her and my Dad.

The whole coffee shop plan didn’t just come to me in a dream (although a reoccurring one since then). I was inspired!

This particular day started off with a “regular” Jackie styled flow class, where we took into practice the method of Uddiyana Bandha. This deep belly breathing is invigorating and blasts bursts of energy into your practice when used correctly. There are different ways to use the bandha, but is most often used during a vinyasa sequence. Also, do not try this on a full stomach. Once you see, you’ll understand why.

Jackie told us to practice this at home and try coordinating it into our regular practice. Honestly, you’ll feel energized and fired up when you do. This is also a secret tacit used in shoulder stands — something else Jackie taught me. I’m so close now to my hand stand I can feel it. Catching the bandha is a way to lift yourself in to an inversion. Again, best attempted hours after eating.


Jackie instructing us to stand on our heads! I may have been the instigator of this.


My afternoon was spent by the pool, practicing inversions, then Jackie and Brendan took a few of us to town to their favourite hang out spot (before and after, they hiked to the beach and back). This was how they spent their first few days in Costa Rica before the students arrived. Other retreaters went to the national park for the afternoon, which Cecilley (my new work friend who I easily convinced to come on this retreat with me) and I decided to do later in the week. I really wanted to stand on my head, okay. And I really wanted to see this coffee shop Jackie, Brendan, Moira and Allison loved so much. I found out why. This dear place was too cute for words and all began when two people from the US met on the beach in Quepos and decided to move to there and start up a coffee shop together. End of story! Okay, so there is more to the story then that, but it happened and it can happen for me. My own Cafe Milagro still flutters in my mind.

After our delicious coffees we hiked down the mountain to the beach where the waves were insane and the view was picturesque. We frolicked in the waves then realized what time it was. Yin with Brendan began at 5pm, but Brendan was with us! We sprinted to the bus, hopped on for dear life and made it back just in time for class. Thanks goodness for speedy Costa Rican transit.


On our way to the beach, before heading down the mountain!


Now to help you understand the bandha, a video:


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