My own living Moksha challenge



Lately, I’ve been finding my thought process towards fitness has taken on a bit of an alternative motive. Sure challenges are fun to accept and I like having stories for the blog to show how crazy committed I am to this. But I’m finding my need to know if I won or lost or was I successful becoming my over lying reason for accepting challenges. Is that bad? I don’t really know.

I blame my competitive nature growing up. Having a sporty mother (who grew up with 4 brothers) who put Erin, Anne (our baby sister) and myself in all the same sports, activities, etc., we did everything the same. I’ve been thinking more about this, is this why I seem to have an ultimatum for every thing I do? It’s great to have a goal, but setting an intention is a completely different thing. I’ve never really ever stopped to think what the difference between the two actually is.

It wasn’t until Day 1 of the Living Your Mosksha Challenge when I realized goals and intentions are not the same thing, but different – it was smack dab starring me in the face on the Intention string we were all given – I need to start setting intentions for my fitness regiments and not do them solely for the goal of just saying I did it. Although, this is a form of motivation for me! Hence the CN Tower climb, the 10k, the Speedo Run… the list goes on.

See? I can do anything! Even yoga on pavement!


Maybe it’s the lack of food going to my brain (it’s is now day 4 of this spring cleanse I’m torturing myself with). I’m kind of worried I’m developing a Type A personality. I am doing this cleanse just to prove I can eat pretty much nothing for 10 days and survive. Actually that was only day 1 and 2, there are a lot of things one can make and eat on this cleanse – I trust Allison which is why I’m doing it. Just to say I did a cleanse is not the entire reason for the cleanse. I want to feel as light and grounded as I did in Coast Rica, and I want think differently about food entirely. See, I do have good intentions!

And eating better goes along with week 1 of the Living Your Moksha – Be Healthy.

But now because of this whole LYM challenge going on I thought it would be awesome to have a challenge within the challenge between all the different Moksha studios in the country. It could create a very cool nation wide sense of community with a competitive edge. And there could be a winning studio – which Moksha will be the best?! I really don’t know what the challenge could be, maybe who has the most participants or what is your studio doing for each of the 7 pillars? I think it’s a great idea!

Monday night while I was on trade duty Partica (the manager this evening) thought it was a great idea too, Graham (the other trade that night) did not. “Competition is not the way of yoga” he said and that I shouldn’t accept a challenge just to win. There are other types of challenges like the LYM for instance – it’s a life challenge. Well, I sure put my foot in my mouth big time because now after the 7 weeks are done Graham has challenged me to a free standing head stand competition – who can last longer in a head stand and you can’t use the wall! Oh man. This all happened so fast, why did I agree to this?

I have 7 weeks to practice. I have a horrible feeling I may end up buying Graham a lot of pints (the loser owes the winner beers). My new intention is to think before accepting a challenge, my goal is to last longer then Graham.

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