Living Your Moksha Week #1 – Be Healthy


Thank goodness for last Friday! It was a day I’ve been waiting for, for what felt like forever.

If you’ve been flowing the blog you’ll know why I was over excited for this day to come. It was my day of freedom! Freedom of this wretched cleanse I’ve been putting myself through over the past 10 days. But now it’s “officially” over. I use “officially” loosely — we are supposed to continue this forced eating habit for another 2 weeks — I feel as though I should even though I was held under great duress. But a bigger part of me says I deserve my cake and should eat it to. I did follow a strict eating guide, drank more than enough tea to last my entire lifetime and took morning shots of the awful tasting E-3 Live. That I will not miss. But apparently it’s supposed to be one of the best things you could possibly take for your body. There are way too many things out there making that claim.

It’s rather hard to keep track, let alone know, what you should and should not be consuming these days. I don’t take anything in the way of supplements other than fibre, B12 and iron. And that’s because I have to (or it’s highly recommended that I should), because being a vegetarian and all we’re prone to low iron and B12. Anything else is far too much for me to comprehend. Although I would if there weren’t so many options and information to digest. I need something simple, like take this and you will live forever!

I felt as though my routine worked, at at least that’s what I thought anyway.

Way back when, when I decide to take on the LYM challenge, knowing full well week 1 was “Be Healthy” I figured this spring cleanse was the perfect way for me to be healthy. After all I was in search of some major change to happen. This cleanse wasn’t exactly what I was searching for. Come to think of it, this kicked me in the ass! Never once did I have the euphoric moment of energy and wellness coming together in harmony, clearing my sight and vitalizing my tast buds. This never happened to me. Instead I was dead tired, I could hardly practice yoga (nor was I capable of any physical activity), and my thighs have never felt so heavy in my whole life. What the hell, what gives!?

Day 1 was easy eating all the fruit I wanted, at the end of day 2 if I ate another raw veggie I was going to hurl, then day 3 hit. That’s when it hit me the hardest. My legs and whole body felt 200 pounds heavier, plus I was exhausted. I think the coffee withdraw was catching up. But slowly as the days came closer and closer to day 10 I was beginning to feel a bit lighter. When I saw Allison on day 7 I had to ask what was wrong with me? Apparently this cleanse was just the thing I needed to open my eyes to what I’ve putting into my body – I could have heavy metals in there! This cleanse may have been the start to a whole new me. That’s TBD.

I suppose this wasn’t the worst experience of life, however, I can’t quite understand it. I’m active and do more yoga than any normal person should, so the outside of me is fine. But I have no idea what’s going on inside. That’s what this experience has taught me, that I need to pay attention to be healthier on the inside. Therefore, I’ve decided (here’s the major change!) I’m going to stick to eating the one ingredient food philosophy, drink the big glass of lemon water to kick start my day each day, keep adding fibre to my drinks/food before bed, and eating flax seeds! Lets face it, I’m going to enjoy my alcohol, coffee and bananas! I’m not going completely nuts. If I mindfully cut out bad things (such as things with ingredients I can’t pronounce), I will reward myself with this finer things. It’s all about moderations. I have to allow for indulgence once in awhile.

So that’s how I was healthy for week 1 – I cleansed and discovered a bigger meaning to Be Healthy.


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