The 7 week training plan


Do you know what happens when you sign up for races?

You need to train for them.

A Midsummer’s Night Run is 7 weeks away. That’s not that far. Given that I’ve been mentally out of it when it comes to running this month, I’m using the fact it will be July this weekend (How is it July this weekend?!) to re-set my running schedule and get back on track. My schedule is loosely based on Hal Higdon’s 15k Intermediate plan, with one big change: there’s a lot more yoga.

This is my training program. Click for bigger.

(I also need to figure out how to fit in the beginnings of the Urban Warrior training program into this. Any suggestions?)

The basic structure is as follows:

Sunday: yoga
Monday: rest
Tuesday: short run and yoga
Wednesday: longer run
Thursday: speed work
Friday: yoga
Saturday: long run

This is not based on anything scientific. It is based on the yoga classes I like and the desire to run at least four times a week. While I’ve planned for 3x yoga a week, I expect that life will get in the way (it always does) and I can easily scale back to two without missing out on too much training.

The two big questions I have are: will I actually do my speed work? And what will Jill and I do when we head back to NS for a week in the middle of all this?

I guess I’ll find out.

What training programs have you used? How did it work? I need to know!



2012, what else is in store?

My first race! How is 2012 halfway over?


2012 has been a crazy (and amazing) fitness year so far. When this blog idea actually came to life, I found myself wanting to do as many blog worthy classes, races, climbs whatever, just to write about them. I’ve had moments of self discovery, found rage I didn’t knew existed in me, but more importantly I can cross off some of the new years resolutions from my list. Remember way back when?…

Not only have I completed a 30 day yoga challenge, I did two – yes, Matt, I’m saying two – I have JK to back me up here! This is where the self discipline, friendly coaching, and pure determination to power though really kicked in. I quickly realized fitness (at any level) can fit into your daily routine quite easily, if you let it. Mind you, I still make excuses not to, but instead ask myself if this is what I really need right now? It’s okay not to practice yoga three times a day, every day. Although I do find it very hard now a days to not go a day without practicing. This could also be because I’m crazy.

I ran a real race! And not only that I’ve done two so far, my third is coming up in August – the Mid Summer Night’s Run I’m running with Erin. And I will run a half marathon before the year is out. Again, this could also be a refection of my obsessive personality.

I also joined a running group, Erin’s Pubruns running group, and found a new yoga/running/work best friend to drag along with me, but who has inspired me to take on more fitness adventures (and is teaching me everything doesn’t have to be a competition). Yes, I’m talking about you, Cecilley!

As for eating more healthy and being aware of what’s going into my body, I Lived My Moksha and really tried to implement each of the 7 pillars into my life. Some weeks where easier than others, but that’s the whole part of a challenge. And no I still have not claimed my head stand prize. The competition was put on hold. I think Graham is scared. Although I’ve gave him zero reason to be afraid.

2012 has taught me a lot of important things. Don’t be afraid to try new things, to set intentions as well as goals, and to listen to my body. This head stand competition will be the fail of 2012 I can see that coming. But I will continue to look at the positives – like climbing the CN Tower, my new mission to save lives, I met Ted Grand! I paddled the Don, I went on a yoga retreat and I’m now considering my yoga teacher training. (Hint: I also may or may not be going on another retreat with Jackie over the holidays.). All positive experiences.

I used to be afraid of the how: How will I make things happen? How will I become a real runner and run marathons? How will I pay for another trip to Costa Rica? Haha… I’m making things happening right before me. 2012, it’s been fun. But I may have spoken too soon. Erin has a new mission for us – the Toronto Urban Warrior – oh my. This could be very interesting.

The only item that needs a check is my triathlon training. But hey I still have another 6 months for this, and the summer has only just begun!

My Fall 2012 racing schedule


It’s time to start running again.

It’s amazing how quickly one can become complacent. As little as two weeks ago, I was doing yoga every single day. Since then? I’ve worked out maybe 3 times. I know I can blame a hectic life right now (the book deadline is LOOMING. I probably shouldn’t be writing anything that isn’t about Revenge right now! But, here I am), but the one thing the yoga challenge taught me was that excuses are lame. Do it or don’t do it. If it matters, you’ll make time for it.

So with that in mind — and after a lot of thought about where I want to take my fitness routine generally — this week I decided to get specific.

And by specific, I mean pick races.

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of American Ninja Warrior. It is one of the best summer shows I’ve seen in a while (at least when it comes to empty entertainment featuring feats of strength) but I’ve always been a sucker for ridiculous competition shows. American Gladiator? Check. Global Guts? Uh, can you say best show ever? Mike O’Malley had hair! Canada was considered international! It was the most epic obstacle course I had seen in a long time. Proof:



American Ninja Warrior is the grown-up version of Global Guts. Proof:



I, of course, want to do it.

This need, combined with my wish to go faster, has defined my fall race schedule. I chose 4 races, cumulating in the Scotiabank Half-Marathon. Jill is going to do three of them with me.

Midsummer’s Night Run, August 18, 2012

I ran this race last year. It went poorly. I learned a lot from it: bout how much to train, about the importance of stretching and about how fun nighttime races are. I want to crush last year’s time. Jill is running with with me, and our record of running side-bye-side so far is pretty good. (I know, it’s only one race, but I’ll take it!) If I fill my July with speedwork, I’m confident my goal time is within reach.

Goal: sub 1:30

Urban Warrior Race, September 8, 2012

This is the closest thing in the city to American Ninja Warrior that doesn’t have mud! (I am not getting dirty on purpose. Or driving in a car to a race that’s designed to cloak me in mud. I’m crazy, but I’m not that crazy.) I’m going to need to improve my upper body strength a TON if I’m going to make it through this race. I’m hoping it can be another side-by-side help-each-other-out race with Jill. RIGHT, JILL?

Goal: to finish without crying

Island Girl Half-Marathon relay, September 23, 2012

I really wanted to do the Island 10k race, but this year it’s the day after the Urban Warrior race. So that was a no-go. But this HM relay is the next best thing! It’s on the island! Jill will run it will me (Jill will do anything I say!). It’s a different way to run a race together. It will also be a unique challenge: how much faster will Jill be than me? We’ll find out!

Team goal: sub 2:00

Personal goal: not let Jill totally kick my ass

Scotiabank Half Marathon, October 14, 2012

This is the goal race for the year. I need to do a lot of speed work and get mentally tough to make this goal a reality. I know I can do it. I just need to run faster. How hard can that be?

Goal: sub 2:00




Extension moves like Jennifer


What: Allegro Ballet Boot Camp
When: Tuesday @ 6:30
Where: The Extension Room (30 Eastern Avenue)
Who: Jennifer Nichols

I’m putting it out there – I always wanted to be a dancer growing up. Always. I just can’t help myself with movies like Save the Last Dance, Center Stage, and Step Up (I had to throw in a Channing Tatum reference!). Not to mention, I idolized Stephanie Tanner as a kid. Her fun aerobic routines that would get Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey sweating up a storm just to keep up. Stephanie was clearly my favorite, she could totally relate to my middle child symdrom.

To this day I still hold a slight resentment towards my mother for not enrolling me in dance as a child. But if my dancing skills at the Extension Room were any indication of what my early years would have been like, I should probably thank my Mom for saving me a lot of embarrassment. Thanks Mom, I guess.

First discovery I made about dancers, no wonder their bodies are completely amazing. What they do, it’s not easy! And here I thought I was flexible — to a certain degree — because of yoga. But no. If anything this Ballet Boot Camp put me to shame. I had no idea what Ballet Boot Camp was until Cecilley brought it up once. And since this day, I’ve wanted nothing more then to try it. Clearly, work out dancing would be amazing. Apparently it’s the new work out craze, and no wonder. I would love to Ballet Sculpt every chance I had – if it meant I’d be on my way like Billy Elliott. Lucky for me, Team In Training mentor Cory Pagett, was planning a cross training event for us (as a mentor it is your duty to plan a fun run or something for the group to do outside our weekly runs). Cory planned classes at the Extension Room for us. Oh boy! destiny awaits, I would Take the Lead once and for all.

Fat chance.

Walking into the studio, I wasn’t afraid. But having left, it took some of my confidence with it. I will be back for this! I should blame Cory for his strong emphasis on the fact that no classical dance experience is required. Lies! Okay, may be that’s not entirely true. If you have some dance knowledge it will help a lot. Don’t go into this particular class blindsided – though you’ll probably be better off than I was. And having a bit of rhythm wouldn’t hurt.

The Extension Room has a welcoming intimidation to it, so don’t be fooled by the niceness it portrays. It will kick your butt and sole all at the same time. But will leave you wanting more. How? I don’t really know. I think it’s Jennifer and her hypnotizing movements. If only I moved and looked the like Jennifer. God love her for putting up with me, I really felt (and I’m sure it looked like) had no idea what I was doing!

Although Jennifer was a great teacher, I could not for the life of me know what was going on, when and where to kick my legs, then point my feet, and wave our arms, then to do this all at once was very hard for a first timer like me. The jumping, squatting, and core work at the end of class, however, I could do that. I enjoyed the uptempo and high energy of the class. You literally keep moving and don’t stop till the hour is done. That I liked.

Simpler instructions would have helped me, but I may have been too fixated on Jennifer. I’m a visual learner, I need to see what it is I’m supposed to be doing. Next time I will try and listen and use the mirror for myself. And maybe not stare at Jennifer so much.

Cory thanks for your help, I needed your words of encouragement more than ever that night.

Take this class if: You are ready for the ultimate dance work out.


Bonus! For your viewing pleasure, here’s a classic Stephanie Tanner dance routine.

Yoga Unplugged


What: Yoga Unplugged
When: Saturday, June 16 @ 4:00pm
Where: 889 at the Thompson (550 Wellington St. West)
Who: Nicky

This Saturday for me, began like any other. I woke up much too early for the weekend, ate my breakfast of peanut butter and toast, and a banana, with coffee and water, then hopped on my bike to meet Cecilley for our morning TNT run. But this Saturday was different. We were doing yoga after our run! Free yoga! Outside! At 889 at the Thompson Hotel! I was super excited (in case you didn’t already get that). For two reasons mainly, 1) we were going to yoga on a rooftop patio, and 2) this was totally Cecilley’s idea! My fit girl regime is totally rubbing of on her.

Cecilley and I getting ready for our giant yoga class!

So after a solid morning of running with Team Ontario – Cecilley and I may have arrived a bit late – this run was the first time it really took me a while find my groove. I guess it serves me right for arriving late. But that didn’t stop me! I still ran the marathoner’s route, all according to my new training plan.

Cecilley and I had an epic Saturday planed out, on top of running and free yoga. I waited all week for this day to come! After running with TNT, we would spend several hours lounging by the Thompson Hotel pool (don’t worry, we had a plan around the slight obstacle being a members only pool), then we’d yoga it up on the rooftop patio for 889 and Lululemon’s free summer yoga series Yoga Unplugged. And to end the night we were heading to the Wine & Spirit Festival at Sugar Beach courtesy of a bullfrogpowered event sponsorship. Thank you, Scott!

It would be an epic Saturday indeed.

Unfortunately, our plans didn’t exactly follow suite – the pool was closed because of a private function, and again Cecilley and I were running a bit late. So we don’t actually know if our Get-Into-The-Thompson-Pool plan would have worked, oh well. Something to test for next time.

Haven been to a class at 889 at the Thompson before, right around the time they opened, I knew outside yoga was in the works for the summer. But I had no idea to what capacity. There had to have been 150 people doing yoga on the roof for the kick off.

Can you spot me?! Thanks Yoga Unplugged for capturing Cecilley and me in action. 

The only slight downer — very minor, but for a class of this size kind it’s of important — some of Nicky’s instructions were unclear. I was left slightly confused several times with what arm was going where. And it didn’t help I couldn’t see her at all. Lucky for me (and every one else I’m sure) the Lululemon gals in their hot neon pants (I really want a pair) were easily spottable for a visual aid. I liked the fact they were also taking the class. I also had Cecilley there to correct me when needed. But having walked away with a free mat and yoga shirt from Lululemon as a present for being there, I will stop complaining! Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed this class and I love that things like this are happening in our city! But the best part of class – looking up to the sky every time we twisted. Or maybe spotting the onlookers from the hotel rooms and condos. You completely forget that people do live there.

Look for this every Saturday all summer long, I highly recommend it at least once. And with a different music theme each week you’re bound to find something that appeals to you. But arrive early! Spaces are limited.

I was already pumped for the following Saturday to strike a pose! If you haven’t guessed, Madonna was the theme.

Looking forward to the rest of 2012

One of the weirder — and more fun — fitness accomplishments of 2012.


At the beginning of the year, both Jill and I set fitness goals. Ambitious ones. Don’t remember? You can check out mine here.

Of the five goals I set, I’ve accomplished four. Weekly yoga is no longer a goal, it’s part of my work-out routine. Jill and I crushed a sub-55 10k on April 13, when we ran the Toronto Yonge Street 10k together in 54:57. In general, I’m a pretty healthy eater, sticking to a near-vegan diet. Sure, I slip on the carbs and the alcohol occasionally, but I don’t want to punish myself constantly. I work my body hard and it deserves a beer (or three) or a glass of wine (or bottle) every once in a while. And the morning person thing is so much easier in the summer, but, in general, when I plan a morning work-out, I make it more often than miss it. There’s still room for improvement here, but I consider this goal complete.

Which leaves me with the first goal. And the biggest one. I had my eye on the May 6 marathon, but training beat me up. It made me tired, sore and hate running. I do not regret down-grading to the half-marathon. Not one bit. But the disappointment I felt with my 2:14 time had me re-assessing my running goals for the year. And now that Jill is quickly on my heels as the premiere runner in the family, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I want out of running.

I want to get faster.

I want to run a sub-2:00 half-marathon more than I want to complete full one right now. I know I have it in me to do a full and I know that my time to run a full will come. But I want to do with 4 hours on my mind, not 5. I want to run a sub-1:30 15k. I want to pass more people than people pass me.

It’s that simple. After putting my body through 30 days of yoga, I realized that fitness, for me, is about pushing my body to get faster and stronger, to test new limits and try new things. It’s not about celebrating what I can do and accepting what I can’t. It’s about running as hard and fast as I can, and crossing the finish line knowing I gave it my all. It’s about finally doing a handstand. It’s about doing a 5-minute plank, then saying ‘screw that, let’s go for 10.’

I think running faster ties into this better than running farther at this point. I believe this will change eventually, and I’ll seek to run faster and farther in the same training cycle, but not right now. Eventually.

First up is the Midsummer’s Night Run 15k. Jill is running it too. I want to cross that finish line under 1:30 together.

I’m on the hunt for a great half-marathon this fall. Suggestions?

Team In Training – Jill’s marathon mission

First, don’t be fooled. I am not running a full marathon… Yet. Although these past 4 weeks with my new Team In Training community would have you thinking otherwise. I will not, or cannot, run a full marathon before Erin does. I owe it to her, doing my my 30 day secret challenge in secret was enough. And besides Erin has worked very hard and deserves that glory before me. Gosh, I am such a good sister.

Since day one of TNT training (May 26th) I’ve run with the full marathoners. This was either by complete accident, by default, or by no choice other than my own. I’m rather afraid of San Francisco and the mountainious treck the Nike Women’s Marathon has set for us. My housemate Charlie (and Nike marathon participant last year) gave me the idea that training with the full marathoners would make the mountains easier to climb come October 14th. So that’s what I’ve decided to do. We shall see how right Charlie is this fall.

Now that my mission to run a half marathon is really on, how exactly was I able to get into the Nike Marathon without entering the lottery or without any marathon running experience at all? It’s through Team In Training, the charity organized by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada, that’s how. Through Team In Training I was granted automatic entry into a marathon of my choice (there are a series of races TNT can send participants to which usually require special entry in some way). Clearly, I was going to San Francisco and not staying here in Toronto. Given the choice, why not? I would love a Tiffany necklace handed to me by a beautiful firefighter, thank you! Team In Training also sets you up with a running coach and a fundraising coach to help you along the way. TNT also fully equipped us with a weekly training program, and not only do we meet every Saturday to run as a group, our coaches provide weekly tips and inspiration for everything running related — from shoes, to stretches, to what food to eat — there are people who’s job it is to answer all my questions. And having very little running experience going into this, this eased my nerves.


Running & fundraising makes Cecilley and I very excited!


The other component to Team In Training is the fundraising. No, you do not get a free ride to any marathon courtesy of the lovely folks at LLSC. You have to give back. But trust me its completely worth it. Because Cecilley and I have decide to stick this out together we’re combining our fundraising efforts and set a combined goal of $8000 to raise for LLSC. The minimum is $3800 each, or we can’t go. We’re going with optimism here, we’ll make it there I know it. A big chuck of our proceeds earned go directly to the LLSC to help support those living and fighting leukemia and lymphoma, though research and improving treatment facilities. A portion, yes, will get Cecilley and I to the half marathon, but we’re running with the cause in mind.

It was Cecilley after all who convinced me to do this in the first place. I had no idea what TNT was before she told me this was some we had to do. But it was I who suggested we run in San Fran. I truly believe we are the perfect pair, just like Jody and Beth from Gold Diggers: The Secret Of Bear Mountain. I’m Jody in case you’re wondering.

Now that you know what I’ll be doing for the next 5 months I have to ask – if you’re feeling generous and want to support Cecilley and I as our mission to run a half marathon (and save lives) has begun, we’d appreciate all the help we can get! This is our donation page. 🙂

Thanks for your support! I’m going for a sub 2-hour time, if that’s not worth something, I don’t know what is.

Living Your Moksha week #5 – Outreach

We're reaching out!


After Sangha Support week was done, I’ve was feeling a whole lot better. I did many acts of kindness. My cousin from Halifax was in town, so it was easy kind of easy to be nice. I treated her to lunch, bought her snacks at very competitive volleyball matches we went to together. I even took Friday off work to take her to Toronto Island. I was a very good elder cousin. I even tried to bring her to a Moksha class to complete the super challenge for the week — introduce Moksha to someone new — but Erica wasn’t having it. Hey, I tried at least!

The Sunday of Sangha Support week was Moksha Downtown’s Boost Party and I was ready to celebrate. At first my plan was to go to the evening yin class then boggie home to bed. But, with very little effort from Erin (again not our Erin, but MYD studio manager), I was easily persuaded to stay. We watched the Hungry For Change (which every should see) and enjoy yummy kale chips from Feel Good Guru (which everyone should eat). And to wash it all down we drank local organic beer! Yogis know how to party.

So what was in store for week #5? Outreach.

Yoga is a community of givers. This week we were inspired to give back to another community. Whether it was volunteering at a charity or organizing you feel passionate about. The idea is to give back an hour of your time each day. This is why I love the Moksha world and yoga so much – I feel inspired to change the world, myself and the people around me. I want to do great things (I have no idea what those great things will be just yet), but more often than I like, the pressures of reality set in and some of my dreams seem impossible. With yoga, I feel unstoppable and nothing is impossible.

Outreach for me was another non-scary week because Cecilley and I are in full Team In Training mode! We are planning events, brainstorming ideas to fundraise, all while planing west coast adventure. And of course we are running. Every Saturday at 8am we hit the pavement with the TNT Ontario community.

Getting involved with TNT was my way (at first) to get to LA before I turn 27. Remember Bran Van 3000? Ya, me too and that was my plan to go drinking in LA. At 26. When Cecilley found out she too was on board for the plan. But Cecilley had slightly better intentions than I. She wanted to go for a cause and TNT was the cause to get us there. All of a sudden TNT became my way of running a half marathon. Who wouldn’t want to got to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon?!

After 4 weeks with Team In Training there is no doubt my intentions have changed. People involved have a reason to flight and participate. The stories I’ve heard are inspirational and with TNT anyone can be a runner. That’s just what I needed to hear. I’m running to help better the lives of those living with Leukemia & Lymphoma – this is how I’m reaching out. And when it’s all over, I will find another community to get involved with. That’s what a good yogi would do (and I’m always thinking TWTD do?).

Here Ted reaches out to all the yogis in the Moksha community to encouraging change for the world and change with ourselves. I will change the world, Ted, I will!

JK Guest Post: The 30 Day Challenge is complete

Jen, aka JK, is often my partner in crime in book-related and fitness-related things . I’m really excited she’s decided to tackle this 30-day challenge with me and even more excited she wants to share this journey with all of you! Jen will be sharing updates about the challenge throughout the 30 days, so follow along! You can read her first post here, her 10-day recap here, and her 20-day recap here. — Erin

She did it! We did it! -- Erin.

It’s all over. And am I bigger, faster, stronger? Zen-like and unflappable? Hardly. But I think I am a little bit fuller. On the mat, my core is a bit stronger, I’m paying more attention to my back body, staying a bit lighter. Off the mat, I feel a bit more in touch with my practice and with my fellow yogis (notably Erin, our kula of two, with special guest appearances by Jill). But that fullness is also a sort of quiet confidence, a satisfaction. I did it, and I could, and would, do it again.

Though looking back it feels very ordinary, with no glamorous breakthroughs or sudden enlightenments, I realize I have learned some things. I’ve learned that exercise CAN be a part of your life every day and, usually, a good part. But I’ve also learned the value of rest, and of resting when you need it. I discovered the necessity of pacing, of balancing heated and unheated classes, challenging and restorative ones. I picked up a few tips that may change my practice too (maybe even get me up into my fantasy handstand). And off the mat, I’ve made a few changes. Thanks to reading The Happiness Project, I think about attitude more, and about how things that make you happy take effort (this whole yoga project is just a perfect example). Also thanks to THP, I’ve kept clothes off the floor of my bedroom for over 30 days now (a tougher challenge than the yoga in some respects). We know that lasting change is slow and steady, and that’s what this challenge offered, and hopefully my practice will continue to offer.

Highlight: Our final hour flow class with Jen Slade. It was open house day at Kula, and the room was packed with new people: people who weren’t so serious, who chattered, who were excited. (Yogis, for all our good qualities, are sometimes a little too serious.) Jen was even more energetic than usual (which is saying something), and brought out some partner poses and got us off our mats. And though normally my BF provides the music, today Jen had a guy playing pots like crystal bowls. He even broke out a pan flute sometimes that made me giggle. There was a moment, during savasana, with those pots singing at just the right pitch, that I just soared, felt large, all-encompassing like something in a Walt Whitman poem. Lying there with Jill and Erin and all these strangers, I thought, “We did it.” I was aglow.

Lowlight/Challenge: Total embarrassment when I accidentally crashed the Power 8 savasana, thinking it was the beginning of the class and not the end. No doubt everyone thought I was crazy. And then, as punishment for letting my blondness take over, I had to do hot core instead. Which was the second time that week, and this class was definitely the less enjoyable of the two.

So where do we go from here? Me, probably back to my 4x a week schedule, although I’m definitely open to 5, or even six. And I’d definitely be game for another 30-day challenge in the future. It’s a nice thing to do with the change of seasons, preparing for summer, celebrating the long daylight hours and the warmth that lets you leave the studio without layers. We might just have the makings of an annual tradition.

My goal for this project was above all to be grateful. And maybe I wasn’t grateful for each chaturanga pushup (or any of them, really), or for each and every practice. But I am grateful that my body could handle it, for the opportunity to do it, for my wonderful studio, for a partner to do it with, and that I did it at all.




30 Day Challenge: Days 26-30

We did it. I don't know how, but we did.


Well, it’s done. And by the end of the challenge, I just wanted it to be over. Here’s how the (exhausting and painful) final five days went down.


Day 26 (Wednesday): I rarely do Moksha right after work, and when I gave it a go on Day 26, I remembered why. The classes are packed. And a packed class means it’s hot hot hot. I was glad to sweater after a few gentle classes in a row, but I found this class to be really overwhelming. Good, but overwhelming. Next time, I’ll stick to the am silent class.

Day 27 (Thursday): For the second week in a row, I hit up Yoga Sanctuary’s morning class. The Sanctuary has a neat challenge on, where if you do all their 6:45 classes in June, you get all the 6:45 classes in July for free. This means that, unlike last week, when we only had three people in the class, this class was packed. But the gentle pace was a nice way to wake up and recover from the Moksha the night before.

Day 28 (Friday): Power at Kula was cancelled again!! This made me sad and frustrated. While JK opted for a restorative class, I decided to head to the Karma Moksha class. This was a really overwhelming day already, outside my fitness regime, and as a result, I wasn’t in the right headspace for the super-specific, slightly (okay, really) condescending tone of the teacher. This class was the exact opposite of what yoga is supposed to be about. I left the class feeling terrible about yoga, terrible about myself and terrible about life.

Day 29 (Saturday): I made up for the lack of Friday night Power with the Saturday afternoon class. Power at Kula is an hour of magic. I felt so much better about everything when this class was over.

Day 30 (Sunday): We finished the challenge with a free live music flow class at Kula. Jen Slade really brought it for the hour to impress the tons and tons of newbies (the class was super packed). It was challenging, playful, but not exhausting. The perfect way to end 30 days of yoga.

I’ll write a more thoughtful recap post in the next few days. Right now, I’m still trying to sort out my feelings about Jill’s big secret.