2012, what else is in store?

My first race! How is 2012 halfway over?


2012 has been a crazy (and amazing) fitness year so far. When this blog idea actually came to life, I found myself wanting to do as many blog worthy classes, races, climbs whatever, just to write about them. I’ve had moments of self discovery, found rage I didn’t knew existed in me, but more importantly I can cross off some of the new years resolutions from my list. Remember way back when?…

Not only have I completed a 30 day yoga challenge, I did two – yes, Matt, I’m saying two – I have JK to back me up here! This is where the self discipline, friendly coaching, and pure determination to power though really kicked in. I quickly realized fitness (at any level) can fit into your daily routine quite easily, if you let it. Mind you, I still make excuses not to, but instead ask myself if this is what I really need right now? It’s okay not to practice yoga three times a day, every day. Although I do find it very hard now a days to not go a day without practicing. This could also be because I’m crazy.

I ran a real race! And not only that I’ve done two so far, my third is coming up in August – the Mid Summer Night’s Run I’m running with Erin. And I will run a half marathon before the year is out. Again, this could also be a refection of my obsessive personality.

I also joined a running group, Erin’s Pubruns running group, and found a new yoga/running/work best friend to drag along with me, but who has inspired me to take on more fitness adventures (and is teaching me everything doesn’t have to be a competition). Yes, I’m talking about you, Cecilley!

As for eating more healthy and being aware of what’s going into my body, I Lived My Moksha and really tried to implement each of the 7 pillars into my life. Some weeks where easier than others, but that’s the whole part of a challenge. And no I still have not claimed my head stand prize. The competition was put on hold. I think Graham is scared. Although I’ve gave him zero reason to be afraid.

2012 has taught me a lot of important things. Don’t be afraid to try new things, to set intentions as well as goals, and to listen to my body. This head stand competition will be the fail of 2012 I can see that coming. But I will continue to look at the positives – like climbing the CN Tower, my new mission to save lives, I met Ted Grand! I paddled the Don, I went on a yoga retreat and I’m now considering my yoga teacher training. (Hint: I also may or may not be going on another retreat with Jackie over the holidays.). All positive experiences.

I used to be afraid of the how: How will I make things happen? How will I become a real runner and run marathons? How will I pay for another trip to Costa Rica? Haha… I’m making things happening right before me. 2012, it’s been fun. But I may have spoken too soon. Erin has a new mission for us – the Toronto Urban Warrior – oh my. This could be very interesting.

The only item that needs a check is my triathlon training. But hey I still have another 6 months for this, and the summer has only just begun!

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