How to survive a 30-day yoga challenge

If I can do it, you can do it. Really.


Jill shared her tips on how to survive a 30-day challenge when she completed her first one back in February. It’s a good list, but remember: Jill is crazy. I decided to share my top five tips for surviving a 30-day yoga challenge too. Between my tips and Jill’s tips, you should be able to conquer any challenge you take on, whether it’s 7 days, 30 days or 100 days. (I’m trying to convince Jill to do a 100 day challenge. I think she could.)


1) Do it with a friend

Knowing JK was doing this alongside me was essential to survival. We could encourage each other, complain to each other, discuss our progress and our classes. Sometimes just a look through a particularly hard class was enough to keep going. If you’re going to do your own challenge, I can’t recommend having a friend highly enough. We didn’t do every class together (probably 3 a week), and that didn’t matter. What mattered was that she was out there, somewhere, suffering alongside me.


2) Plan ahead

Every Sunday, I’d look at my schedule and map out my yoga plans for the week. Knowing what classes I was going to and when took out all the guess work and timing, eliminating any possibility of skipping a class or missing a class. Sure things happened — classes were cancelled, social plans were made — but having a template week by week makes everything easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re dedicated to one studio (like JK) or mixed it up (like me). A plan makes life easier.


3) Get a Passport to Prana & check out free classes

Get a passort. It is worth it. Not only does it make a yoga challenge affordable, it allows you to mix up your routine. During my 30 day challenge, I used my passport 5 times and saw 3 new studios. And check out free classes. June was a great time to do a challenge because it felt like everyone was offering open houses or free festival classes. I took 2 free classes and it was grand.


4) Be patient

There are times when your challenge will really, really, really suck. You will want to quit. You will think it’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done. You will hate yoga, hate your body and hate your life. These feelings will pass, I promise. Just breathe and have a few go-to kick-ass classes on your schedule that you know and love and always make you feel better. For me, this was Kula’s power yoga class. I always felt better afterwards, no matter how shitty I felt stepping on my mat.


5) Mix it up

If you do a hard class one day, do an easy one the next. Follow a power class with a hatha flow class. Do a morning class, then a night class. Sprinkle your schedule with crazy classes, like hip hop yoga, yogalites or suspension yoga. This will keep your practice fresh, keep you from getting bored and will keep you from getting stuck in a rut.



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