Fit Streets Round #3

High five push-ups! Thanks Andie for posting this pic of my pain on Facebook.


Okay, you’re probably sick of Fit Streets¬†updates by now. What can I tell you? Other than Fit Streets and the regular run-and-yoga routine, I haven’t been doing much fitness-wise. I need to do more and plan too, including starting a new lunch time yoga schedule, spinning and other fun things. But since I can’t write about things I haven’t done yet, I’m going to write about Fit Streets.

I wasn’t as fresh and ready for this run as I was last time. Maybe it was the 10k Saturday or the island biking the day before. Maybe it was how hot it was. I don’t really know, and it doesn’t matter. After a warm-up jog to the Integrative Health Institute, I was ready to run with Andie and Steve from last week (hi Steve!), and newbie Caitlin from Lulu Lemon at the Eaton Centre. She writes updates for their Facebook page called Try It Tuesdays — check them out. I will be stealing, I mean finding inspiration from Caitlin’s fit adventures.


I both love and loathe that this photo makes me look like a GIANT.


This week, we stuck to the waterfront. First stop was a condo model suite where we did inch worms (not bad) and pistols (not good). Then we ran to the Toronto Ferry dock where we did standing long jumps (my jumps were very short) and high five push-ups (these were actually kinda fun). What hurt the most was the long run back to Sugar Beach, which was immediately followed by hill repeats and a wall sit. I have never been so grateful for basketball camp in my life. Wall sit repeats from grade 6 through university made these puppies not easy, but bearable. I was grimacing less than Steve was (Sorry Steve!). More push-ups finished off this stop, and I was feeling it in my shoulders — improving my upper body strength is on my to do list!

The run was rounded out by heading to the Esplanade for core work and sprint home. By the end (4.86k) I was feeling it. But I powered through the jog home to make it a clean 6k for the night.

Next on the list: getting my weekly mileage up so I’m actually ready for A Midsummer’s Night Run! It’s closer than it seems…


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