Living Your Moksha week #7 – Be Peace


Here we go: June 12-18 the last and final week of the Living Your Moksha challenge.

Be Peace. This was the theme of the week with the intention of bringing an hour of silence into your day. And the super challenge was taking the time to enjoy an extended savasana after very single class you went to over these 7 days. I was very excited for this super challenge, clearly. My regular savasana is usually 15 minutes long. If I go any longer the trades will have to kick me out of the practice room! But hey, if it’s all for the good of living my moksha then I’ll do it! Okay, I know there is more to the challenge then falling asleep after class, so now I have to challenge myself to stay awake and really connect with what savasana is really about. And it’s not exhaustion from doing yoga.

I did listen to the super challenge and I did try. I will admit I did snooze off once or twice after a class or two, but I also acknowledged my own thoughts and feelings that came up afterwards. Some were rather out there and had no correlation to yoga whatsoever, bizarre right? While other thoughts were of family and friends. Sometimes I thought about how hungry I was other times were how at peace I felt. Seriously! Savasana is a powerful pose and often teachers will tell you is the most difficult. Whether your an everyday yogi or a yogi at heart savasana is a pose worth giving yourself time for. Your mind and body will thank you Рas Mind Body Green explains.

So why is silence important exactly? I too thought this seemed a little silly at first, oh but on the contrary it is really challenging. Try it sometime. Just be silent. Whether it’s for a minute, an hour or even for a whole day! Imagine that. Listen to the silence of your thoughts. It can be rather scary, but I assure you, you may just hear the answers to those troubling questions boggled up deep down inside. Facing these thoughts or answers is the true challenge that silence can bring. Although falling into silence may sound depressing, and searching for answers very soul searching, everyone also just needs a break. Whether it’s putting a pause on your busy day, a break from people or just a break from yourself, taking the time to reflect on you is just as important (if not more) then being available to others. It goes along with that love yourself before others philosophy. Silence can be grounding and the foundation of a stable practice. And ultimately a stable life.

Trust me. Silence is a good thing and now I have nothing more to say. My LYM challenge is over. And that feels pretty good.

Now you too can be at peace. Here’s what New Leaf Yoga Foundation co-founder Laura Sygrove had to say about finding peace.


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