TNT Fundraising Update: Yoga, On the Beach & LLSC Lottery Winners!



A few weeks ago before the “2 month till race day mark” officially passed I was feeling quite anxious about NWM and running all together. Let’s face it Cecilley and I have a lot of fundraising left to do and time is running out. In my mind a few months back, I wanted us to have reached half our goal by now. Long story short, we haven’t.

But thankfully Jackie Szabo, my yoga teacher wonder, and her generous soul wanted to help us out. We put together the LLSC Lottery and bam! Donations started coming through. Then we planned Yoga, On the Beach! And as luck would have it, even more donations were contributed to our cause. Thank you, friends!

I started to feel a little more at ease.

So now that Cecilley and I have two successful fundraising events under our belts we would first like to send a big congratulations to Robin McLuskie the grand prize winner of the Weekend Yoga Retreat at the Harmony Dawn with Jackie and Jess Lemon!

And congratulations to our other lucky winners: Kristi Soomer, Jennifer Piggott, and Deborah Hudson!

But the highlight of this fundraising journey, for me, will forever be doing yoga at Sugar Beach. Unfortunately, the particular weekend we chose was looking gloomy and rain was in the forecast. The two most terrible signs you could deal with when planning a morning yoga class outside at a beach. After humming and ha-ing over what to do, we decided to play it safe and not gamble with Mother Nature. We switched the date to Sunday that Friday afternoon. Changing the date of your event is never a good thing because you risk losing people. Sadly, one RSVP no longer could come, but the sun shine, she came that morning.

It was picturesque view. The sun glistening on the water, the sand glowing under our mats – it almost felt like being in Costa Rica again. Almost. Minus the pick umbrellas behind us.

Doing yoga on the sand was harder then it seemed. The ground was a bit uneven which meant you had to be extra mindful in balancing poses. We worked hard, we sweat, and breathed in the lake water breeze as we flowed. It was all good. We even had a few spectators – a mix of bikers, tourists and perhaps some party goers from the night before. Again, it was all good and something to do again for sure! Jackie made the class fun as always and with only four people practicing, we all received special attention. It’s impossible to have a bad class with Jackie, sand or no sand, she is a joy to have guided us through this class. I am forever grateful to have a spirit like Jackie’s in my life to mentor me as a yogi and inspire me as a teacher. Jackie, thank you!


Even lunges on the beach were harder than a practice room!


And the fun doesn’t stop there. Our upcoming events include (please email me if you’re interested in attending or would like more information):

8pm Karma Class at Moksha Yoga Downtown, Friday August 24th (all proceeds of this class will support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada)

Come And Swap It! A clothing swap at Cecilley’s House, Saturday August 25th (donations accepted at the door. We will even come pick up the clothes at your house in advance)

We hope to see you there!

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