Team In Training: A two-week struggle


As I was sitting inside Saturday morning at my hostel in Ottawa during the Ottawa Folk Festival – hey, fit girls need to have some fun too – I realized not getting my long run in this morning was killing me. Killing me! It was raining, thundering, there was also lightning! And I also slept in. Although all these excuses are completely acceptable for not running that particular morning, I am also now a month away from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and the more I don’t run, the more I bothers me. The daunting words from NWM’s slogan “No Excuses” and the fact that Graham (my housemate and fellow Santa Speedo runner) is a newly christened Ironman eats at my soul. I have zero reasons to avoid running. There is an Ironman living in my house. And to make matters even worse, I actually enjoy running! And I can’t stand being thrown off my routine (like I hadn’t minded as much before). What is going on here? Am I actually becoming a runner?! Is this what happens, withdraw kicks in and you begin to need to run? I never thought I’d see the light of day when I would choose running over yoga (mostly because I have to for the shake of making my goal time of sub 2 hours). But seriously. Jill the runner seems too bizarre to be true. But I kind of like it.

Getting away is good, but what are you to do when friends are in town or you plan a mini vacation? Temptations can be tough and these past two weeks have proved to be just that for me. I’ve been awful and felt awful for not doing anything. Somehow I did managed to run when I was supposed to, it was the other choices I’m made – eating, drinking, going to bed late – that, like I said before, were killing me. I guess one has to put their foot down and say how they feel, “I need yoga or I will be a bad friend”, or “You can have a drink, I’m not”. Removing yourself from these situations is much easier then having to stand up for yourself and your training. I’ve come to realize this now. But I do feel as though good friends will respect you for your decisions. You are running a race after all.

While my friend was in town visiting my plan was you run in the mornings (while she’d be sleeping) and invite her to yoga on the days I wanted to do yoga. Easy! But the morning runs, they didn’t happen. Nor did the yoga. Ugh! My life felt over! But again, somehow I did do yoga (just not as much as my yoga addicted self would). Thankfully 889 at the Thompson and Lululemon’s last Yoga Unplugged took place Saturday of the long weekend and this was something my friend wanted to do! Yay for yoga! (Another post to come with a full review of the class.) I also traded the Monday evening at Downtown and managed to practiced Tuesday after work. I needed yoga, for me, these days.

Because you chose to do yoga doesn’t make you a bad friend. That’s how I feel anyway. The solution to vacationing or having guests in your place for lengthy periods of time (which also takes away for your blogging duties – thanks to Erin she was not as bad as I!) is that you need a plan. Plan the nights and mornings you want to run, practice, or whatever it is you need to do and stick to it! That’s the best advice I can give after my 2 week experience and training glitch. Your friends will understand. And invite them along! Why not, it could be fun and something you can do together.

Your training will thank you for it.




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