More FitStreets

This is Jill, not Sarah. But you get the picture.


What: FitStreets
When: Mondays @ 6pm
Where: Integrative Health Institute (46 Sherbourne Street)
Who: Andie Clement


After two weeks away (cottaging and a long weekend), I got to go to FitStreets again! Yay! Even better? I convinced my friend Sarah to come with me. Double yay! After the fact, I realized it was my last FitStreets of the season (Andie has two more Monday sessions scheduled, so time to check it out is running short!). After struggling with fitness and how I felt about it the week before, I was ready for a hard workout, and Andie delivered.

Sarah and I weren’t alone: we had two fellow FitStreeters with us today. Four was a good number, not so small that anyone got left behind or singled out, but not so big that it was a struggle to stick together. We did a route I had done before (you have to admit it’s impressive it took 6 sessions before we replicated a route) but the exercises were different. We focused on legs tonight, with a healthy dose of push-up thrown in for good measure.

It’s funny how FitStreets (and work-outs in general) is like that. The last two times I went, I thoroughly got my ass kicked. But this time, I felt good, strong. Sure, I was exhausted by the end, but it wasn’t a heaving, red-in-the-face, wanting to cry exhaustion. So much of how successful your workouts are depends so much on everything you do leading up to it: how much you’ve worked out before, what you ate, how much you slept even how your work day went. While I’ve always understood this, experiencing it — and making decisions around it — is quickly becoming a priority for me.

I think I need to get a fancy GPS watch. What do you recommend?



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