Fit Reads: Cheer! by Kate Torgovnick


My latest fit read was Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. Even though I read it over a week ago, I’m still trying to process my thoughts about Mount Everest and dangerous endeavors. But this harrowing read reminded me of another fit read that’s stuck with me long after I read it: Cheer!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders by Kate Torgovnick.

Competitive cheerleading is a sport and competitive cheerleaders are athletes. And they are athletes without proper support or oversight. It’s a fascinating, terrifying sport and Cheer! enhanced my ideas as to what it means to be a performer, an athlete and strengthened my belief that student-athletes — especially female student athletes — need more support from their schools.

In 2010, JK and I reviewed this book in 140 seconds. My thoughts were much more fresh then, so take a look:



And, just because it’s awesome, here are some competitive cheerleaders kicking serious ass:


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