Monday Miles: September 24-30


I want to get back into recapping my weeks regularly. It helps with tracking my work-outs and gives you a true idea of what my fit weeks look like. So here we go!


Monday & Tuesday: Rest.

Neither was really planned, but crazy work days meant no lunch time yoga and post-work events meant no evening work-outs, so I just rolled with it. I ran my last race of the season on Sunday (the Island Girl Half Marathon relay, recap to come!) so I felt okay with giving my legs a break.


Wednesday: Hour flow yoga, 5:45pm @ Yoga Tree.

Planned to go to lunch time yoga, failed. Opted for the 5:45pm class at Yoga Tree instead.  It was with a teacher I never had before and I was in for a surprise. We started the class with 200 sit-ups (ouch!), but she played Top 40 music, which I secretly love in yoga class. This sit-up challenge inspired me to incorporate sit-ups and push-ups in my morning routine. They are effective and they don’t take that much time. We’ll see how long it lasts.


Thursday: 5k run in Riverdale, 6:45am.

With my earlier wake-up time. I’m re-committing to morning runs. There’s nothing wrong with a speedy 5k before 7am. I just need to do it. This run felt good, I felt fresh and strong and enjoyed cranking out a shorter distance before work.


Friday: 50 minute hatha flow, 1:15pm @Yoga Tree; 5k, 7pm, same route as Thursday.

A meeting-free day meant I could slip out for yoga! Hooray! The Friday lunch time options at Yoga Tree are not my favourite, but they get the job done. I wasn’t planning on running on Friday, but our friend’s band was playing at 10pm and I knew if I got too settled at home, going out wasn’t going to happen. I chose to head out for a quick run instead, so by the time I came home, showered and ate, it would be time to head out for the night. It worked and I deem this decision a good one.


Saturday: 10k hike in Rouge River Valley @ 10am.

JK and I are starting Hike Club to prep for our epic hike next summer. The first rule of hike club is that you don’t talk about hike club — except to recap it for Two Fit Girls. So expect a post this week!


Sunday: 8k run to the market, 9:30am.

My pal Kate (hi Kate!) is my almost neighbour. I’ve loved running to the Leslieville Market on Sunday mornings this summer and since she now lives even closer to the market than I do, I thought I’d invite her along. We met up at Pape and Gerrard, which is about halfway between our houses, then did a 5.5k loop back to the market. I was stiff and slow from my hike the day before — but not sore, if that makes sense. Then I got coffee, a croissant and some veggies and it was delightful.


It was a good week, fitness-wise. With my races done for the season, I need some new goals. Any suggestions?





2 thoughts on “Monday Miles: September 24-30

  1. Rachel says:

    What route do you run in Riverdale? I live around there and just started running, but I find I always end up simply running along Dundas, because it has less traffic and fewer hills.

    • Erin says:

      My 5k regular loop is King & Sumach to King & Parliament to Parliament & Carlton, along Carlton and through Riverdale Park, over the bridge, up to Broadview, down Broadview to Queen, then to Queen & Sumach.

      If I want a longer Riverdale run, I’ll head along Bain or up to Wolfrey and cut through Withrow Park, then take sidestreets back down to Queen.

      I also like to take Broadview the entire length one way and then the Don Valley trail back the other — you can enter it on Queen and on Pottery Road!

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