Monday Miles: October 1-7









I know, I know, today is a Tuesday. But yesterday was a holiday, one spent traveling home from Thanksgiving at the cottage. And do you know what you get when you add a chaotic work week to a family-oriented food-filled holiday?

Not a lot of exercise.

Let’s recap.


Monday: rest

After working out five days in a row leading up to Monday, I decided to give my legs a rest.


Tuesday: 5k, 6:45am @Riverdale

This was my usual “get a quick run in route” through Cabbagetown and Riverdale park. This was a slow one, as my legs are rapidly getting used to the fewer kilometres.


Wednesday: Hatha Flow, 1:15pm @ Yoga Tree

Work is getting busy, so I made plans to get to the office early to get this class in. It’s getting tougher to do lunch time yoga, but I’m happier when it happens.


Thursday: rest

This was not planned. But I had two after work events, 4 work meetings and stayed up too late watching the presidental debate. Note to self: you don’t need to watch the whole debate if you plan to read every single analysis and recap written about it.


Friday: Hot Yoga, 12:15pm @ Yoga Tree

The original plan was to do my usual 1:15 hatha class, but I was in the mood for a workout — even though I forgot to bring lean underwear (TMI, I know) and a towel. Despite these inconvenciences (and the fact this class thoroughly kicked my ass), I’m glad I went.


Saturday: rest

This was bad planning on my part. I should have ran first thing in the morning, but didn’t. Then we were going to head to the cottage, so it seemed like there wasn’t enough time. (There was.) Oh well, it happens.


Sunday: 10k, 11am @ Cottage

Matt’s cottage is on a hilly road. This makes this run challenging, but also beautiful and interesting. And since Jill is running the very hilly San Francisco half marathon next weekend, it seemed like a good way to prep for marathon Thanksgiving eating and Jill’s final long(ish) run before her big race.



This week I have fewer work events and no holidays, so I hope to get at least 6 workouts in. Oh, and I’ve committed to running a full marathon in Spring 2013. But I haven’t been very faithful to my race commitments this year. So we’ll see.




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