Monday Miles: October 8-14


A busy work week, a wedding and a day of feeling not great meant only three work-outs this week. Can’t win ’em all.


Monday: rest

Wasn’t 100% planned, but since I felt stiff from the long run the day before, decided to take a break.


Tuesday: 5.9km in Leslieville @ 7:15am

Almost wasn’t going to run in the morning, but at the last second, decided to do it. I try to tell myself that if I keep thinking about working out, I should just do it, but easier said than done, right?


Wednesday: 5k in Riverdale @ 6:45am

I felt so productive and inspired by my Tuesday run that I did it again on Wednesday.


Thursday: rest

Planned to go to lunch time yoga. Forgot I had a committee meeting. Went to that instead.


Friday: rest

Had to be at work at 6:30am this day so a morning work-out wasn’t going to happen. Planned to do lunch time yoga, but was too busy (and burned out) to do it and post-work plans meant taking a second rest day in a row. This was the day I felt like crap, so figured it was better to be safe than sorry with this one.


Saturday: 8k in the Beach @ 9am

With a wedding to attend on Satruday night, I made plans to meet up with Kate to do a morning beach-side run and to check out her new house. I love the beach in the fall: the weather is perfect for running but the cooler temps means there’s not as many people on the boardwalk. It was a sunny, chilly day and this run was perfect, capped off with a delicious coffee from Lazy Daisy!


Sunday: rest

I went to a wedding Saturday night. I probably could have gone to yoga if I really tried, but ugh. No. I chose instead to lie on my coach and watch a man jump from space and made promises to myself I’d be better next week.



4 thoughts on “Monday Miles: October 8-14

  1. Nancy Franics says:

    Just found your blog while scouring in the internets for tips to help me survive the CN Tower climb tonight! Looks like we live in the same area (I’m pretty east in Leslieville, near Greenwood). Your running is inspiring! I have my longest race coming up next week, the TO Women’s 8k! I’ve run 8k a few times, and 10k once, but never in race format so I’m pretty excited to get my first official time for a race longer than 5k. After reading your review of the Midsummer Night’s Run I’m interested in a 15k distance as well!

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