I got my marathon training plan


So, this week, Andie emailed me my training plan for the Bluenose Marathon. 20 weeks of running, beginning December 31. Yes, my first two runs take place on New Year’s Eve and Ne Year’s Day. Thanks, Andie.

I won’t go into details here (you’ll be hearing a lot about my training during the months of January-May anyway and if you look really closely, you can see it above), but the general breakdown is as follows:

Monday: rest or cross-training

Tuesday: 8-12km

Wednesday: Speedwork

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Hilly run

Saturday: short, easy run or cross-training

Sunday: Long run

My plan between now and December 31 is to get in the groove of following this plan: rest on Monday, work out on Tuesday and Wednesday, rest on Thursday, work out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “Work out” could be running, yoga, whatever. But yesterday was Monday and even though I had the day off, I didn’t work out. It felt weird. And today is Tuesday and I feel like crap, so I may skip this workout. So this plan isn’t going so well. But I have months! Months! Or so I tell myself.

Before I start training again, I need new shoes, new gloves and ear-warmers that I can wear over my ball cap. I also need a new bike helmet and bike lights, but that had nothing  to do with this post.

May 19, 2013. I’m ready this time.

Really, I am.




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