The $5 workshop (Crow (Bakasana)) that didn’t happen

What: $5 Yoga Workshop
When: Sunday, November 4 @ 1:30pm
Where: Moksha Yoga Danforth (372A Danforth Avenue)
Who: Michelle Corbeil & Brendan Jensen


Okay, so remember way back when, when I went to the amazing workshop at Moksha Danforth? That’s right the one where I learned the 5 trickiest poses of Moksha. Well I promised myself, and all of you, I would take complete advantage of these $5 yoga workshops and attend every single one I possibly could. Sadly I could only fit two into my busy schedule, but I was really excited for the final one, mastering the art of Crow pose.

I am a terrible person. I didn’t go to the workshop.

I know, how did I let this happen? To be honest I can’t really remember the whole story, but it was entirely my own fault. I didn’t properly plan my day out very well – this I can remember – I was going to go to the workshop, then take the 3pm Moksha class, then go to Erin’s place to watch Revenge. But for some reason this Sunday as I waited for 1:30pm to arrive, I was feeling super antsy and fatigued. I just wanted to run! And really badly. The evening prior played a vital part of this feeling (I had a friend’s birthday party? or something, but either way it was a late night and alcohol was involved). So I ran. I thought I could still do all these things I had set out for the day – workshop, yoga, Erin’s house – but without my bike to get around I was doomed. To make a long story short, when I started my run I had approximately 45 minutes to work with. I ended up running too far and took too long. But I felt great! I was in a running groove and my body clearly needed to run of the happenings of the evening before. I felt good and strong, when I realized I had to book it to the subway. This totally threw off my runners groove. I ended up being 5 minutes late for the workshop and couldn’t bare to show my late face in class. So I left the studio feeling blue.

I then dragged my sad, sorry butt to The Big Carrot (which is amazing FYI) to kill time until the 3pm class. I needed to do some yoga after this mess I created for myself. Thankfully Jess Lemon was teaching. Jess brings an amazing therapeutic energy to her classes, this was one feeling I needed. Her calm, poise and dainty instructions were gentle to my body and soul. Jess is a yoga healer. 90 minutes in a hot room with Jess will change your practice. Trust me on this.

So after I was peacefully blissed out by Jess I was able to relax and be okay with the fact I missed the crow workshop. I just had a great class at a great studio – you can never ever leave yoga feeling bad about anything. Whether it’s the choices you made that day, or something you did, or even a feeling of building remorse (like not having your bike to ride) get to you. Yoga is how you can let that all go. I did make it to Erin’s afterwards and we did watch Revenge. See, more good things came my way.

I had to look on the bright side, I ran, I did yoga, I spent time with Erin, and she fed me dinner. This wasn’t a terrible day after all. Moksha Danforth, please just host another crow pose workshop and all will be good in the world. Thanks!

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