Marathon Training Day #32: Monarch Madness

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My speed work-out this week was precise: 8×400 splits with 90 break in between. Since it was cold and slippery, I made my second trip to the Monarch Park Stadium indoor track. Now that I knew that one lap was 370 metres, I mapped out 400m from the southeast and northwest corners. Instead of taking the 90 seconds, I decided to run 400m, walk to the next corner, run 400m and repeat until complete. The timing was pretty close, it usually took between 75 and 110 seconds to do the walking, depending on how winded I was. I know this is slightly cheating, but it was the easiest thing to do distance-wise and made sure I never stopped moving and cramped up.

My splits:

1. 1:58:57
2. 1:58:12
3. 1:57:64
4. 1:56:22
5. 2:03:61
6. 1:55:46
7. 1:56:54
8. 1:47:41

These are weirdly fast. Which means one of two things: speedwork works OR I’m doing something wrong. Let’s go with the first one, shall we?



Marathon Training Day #31: Running through Riverdale

Homemade vegan pizza. The dinner of (lazy) champions.

Homemade vegan pizza. The dinner of (lazy) champions.

Got the 10k run in I was supposed to, just a day late. Wore tights and a very light long-sleeved shirt and was waaay overdressed. That’s usually not a problem in January.

Not much to say about this run. It needed to get done, so it got done. Had brief shin splints around kilometre 4. That’s never happened before. I will fix this by foam rolling even more!



The run: 10.7k in 1:08:56

The route:

Yoga. Surf. RawFood: Day #4

Happy New Year! Let’s go back to January 1st, 2013 — day 4 of my yoga retreat. 2013 is the year I deemed as the year of big change. And it will be I’m going to be a yoga teacher remember?! That’s the plan. I’ve been sending this energy out there, to the universe, for I don’t know how long! And now I feel as though my stars are aligning. In the fire on New Year’s Eve, I burned fear and self doubt, and with that comes letting go of regret. I think back to where I was in September when I almost decided not to go on the retreat. But Jackie knew this decision wasn’t coming from my heart. It was fearful and worry clouding my mind. Thankfully, I listened to myself (and to Jackie’s advice) because I would have lived with this regret for a very long time.

Day 4:
2013 started off in the most perfect way I could imagine: vinyasa with Jackie! Jackie took us though a sequence focusing on lots of hip openers and back bends. It was the start of a brand new year, time to ring out all that stale energy! This class was extra special. My body moves to the smooth rhythm of Jackie’s words, I don’t just hear Jackie’s instructions I feel them. Ohhh I have shivers thinking about it and how I’m going to offer my class and practice to future yogis. It’s exciting stuff!

After class I meet my new surfing best friend (hi Mandy!) and two very lovely ladies for Moksha Downtown (hi Maria and Cathy!). Maria will be accompanying me to LA. She was also accepted to the Moksha Teacher Training. I am so overjoyed by this whole experience.

That afternoon, before hitting the waves, I went for a (very) quick run. I was in Costa Rica! It was hot! And I needed to conserve my energy for surfing. I ran for a good 20 minutes to Black Sand Beach. Erin’s training for a marathon and I am determined to run a marathon too. So I went for a run.

I blame the stupid run for what happened next. But in all honestly, when have I ever surfed 3 days in a row? Umm never. My arms were like jelly, sadly I was not the surfing superstar I had played up to be. I was tired and drained and I could not pop up on my board if my life depended on it. And today of all days Kimbo (the head surf instructor at the Nosara Surf Academy) was in the water taking pictures! I do not have documented footage of me on my board. This saddens me a great deal.

Everybody go surfing!

Everybody go surfing!

Back at the our yoga headquarters Ezmy lead another amazing yin class. My battered body and sore arms need the stretching and tenderness. The surfing yogi lives a hard life!

That evening Kevin gave a super interesting talk on the 8 Limbs of Yoga. So much I have to look forward to. And that, my friends, is how I spent New Years Day 2013.

Beach time! Happy New Year to me.

Beach time! Happy New Year to me.

Marathon Training Day #30: Rain, rain go away

The new glasses. My mom says they look good with my grey hair. Thanks mom.

The new glasses. My mom says they look good with my grey hair. Thanks mom.

Worked late. Got groceries. Rain started to pour down. Was starving, so I ate. Digested my food. Read the internet. Emailed JK. It was still pouring. Then it was 9pm and I realized my evening was done.

So the workout never happened.

I need to get better at planning for days like this. Like, go running the second I get home or when JK suggests yoga, go the eff to yoga. Don’t come home tired, dwaddle, and realize that working out is an impossibility AND that I didn’t do anything productive home-wise, like clean the kitchen or make more bread or solve world hunger.

As for week 5, it means 10k on Wednesday, sprints on Thursday, rest on Friday, hills on Saturday and long run Sunday. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m not feeling great about where my priorities are right now. I need to get better at planning my workouts — and my life.


Marathon Training Day #29: I am blind, as far as the eye can see

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.17.25 PM

I got new glasses today. I can see. They are making me nauseous My eye doctor said that’s normal, but if I still feel nauseated (see what I did there? Used the terms correctly! Grammar win!) after two weeks to come back and she’ll fix it.

I’m assuming that if I multiply this by 1000, this is what being pregnant feels like. A little.

Today is Monday. Today I rest. With my first recovery week behind me, week #5 is all about the Benjamins Miles.

Monday: rest or cross-train. I choose rest! I surprise no one!
Tuesday: 10k at a comfortable pace
Wednesday: 8×400 with 90 second rests in between
Thursday: REST
Friday: 30 minute hills
Saturday: 30 minute optional run
Sunday: 18k LSD

Soon my long runs will be 20k plus. Let’s enjoy the 18k while I still can.



I’m going to be a yoga teacher!



It was a bittersweet day last Thursday in the office. I decided to leave my job — for a part time position with the same company — in order to have time to be a yoga teacher!

I don’t know if it was the Costa Rician air (more recaps of my latest yoga retreat are coming!), Jackie’s departure from Moksha Downtown, meeting Ted Grand, my California adventure with Cecilley, or what I was drinking at that moment, but back in November I submitted my application for the Moksha Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles. And I haven’t looked back.

Exactly a month later, when that congratulatory email arrived in my inbox, to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Now, here I was faced with the ultimate decision: leave the comfort of my 9-5 job with great people working for a great company for the complete unknown and unpredictable? Am I ready to leave behind everything I’ve known for the past two years? This was exactly what I wanted, why was I afraid? I wanted 2013 to be my year of change. It’s only January I can now cross this resolution off my list! Because I am going to be a yoga teacher!

The Mosksha Yoga teacher training is a year-long commitment to learn to teach and live your yoga. I have a 30 day intensive training to complete, followed by 11 months to fulfill the 200 hour Distance Learning program. The 30 day intensive takes place February 15-March 16 at Moksha LA. So what’s in store for me once I get there? Major detoxing, yoga, self discovery, and so much more!

So here I go, watch out LA. I am coming.


Marathon Training Day #28: 12k LSD



Today was a productive day. I was busy in the morning doing various domestic things (like making the bread in the photo above!), so I did my long run in the afternoon.

Since I left my bike at work on Friday (it was snowing!!), I decided to plan my route so I could pick up my bike at the end of my run and not endure the Monday morning TTC crush. (Cycling commutes are the best kind of commutes. Even in winter. I swear!). After a very social fit week, it was nice to hit the pavement solo and take my time. It was sunny and cold, a perfect day for it. I probably could have pushed myself harder, but for now I will just be grateful for the sun and clear sidewalks.



The run: 12.5k in 1:27:33
The route:

Marathon Training Day #27: Standing on my hands

Source: via MBG on Pinterest


Another Saturday, another day filled with fitness excursions. I spent the morning running with pals Kate and Trish for PubRuns. It wasn’t as hilly as it should have been, but since it’s recovery week, I’m not going to think about it too much. The weather was perfect for winter running, cold but sunny.

After winding through the city, we ended up at Junction Eatery. My legs were tired and I was happy to stop. (This makes me nervous, given that whole “recovery” thing.) Brunch was delicious, and then I was off to the Annex to do handstands with JK at a handstand workshop at Kula.

I cannot get up. I feel strong enough, but my instructor Christi-an says I have too much “organic energy” which I think is a polite way of saying I have no control. But I did learn a lot about hand placement and core strength and believe I am closer to doing an actual handstand than I was before the workshop.

Tonight, I’m taking it easy. Tomorrow I have 12k to do. It’s not long, but I need to feel fresh again. And soon.



The run: 6.3k in ??? (forgot my watch!)
The route:



Marathon Training Day #26: Power hour

My pictures are getting increasingly terrible. It's like I'm not even trying anymore.

My pictures are getting increasingly terrible. It’s like I’m not even trying anymore.

I enjoy any and all power hours, whether they are of the athletic or alcoholic. Today, my pal Sarah (hi Sarah!) and I met up for a yoga-doing and Fresh-eating date. The 7pm power class at Kula is my all-time favourite class. I love the challenging sequence and am warming up to the new Friday night teacher, Donna. High fives all around on this one.

I forgot my towel today, though, and by the end my mat was so wet I couldn’t do downward dog without slipping. Note to self for next time!


Marathon Training Day #25: 6k pick-up

This is the book launch I went to after the gym. It was PACKED.

This is the book launch I went to after the gym. It was PACKED.

Yesterday was the second — and hopefully last — time I ever hit up a treadmill. I was supposed to run 6k with every km being faster than the last. The good thing about tackling this on a treadmill is that I could actively know if I was going faster. But even 1 kilometre on the treadmill is boring, so after a while, I was increasing my speed every minute instead of every km.

But I did see Syndal get the wedding dress of her dreams. And this cold snap is about to break. Soon I’ll be able to run outside again without freezing to death.