Marathon Training Day #3: Ooops



Yesterday was day three of my training and I was supposed to do speedwork. 10 minutes warm-up, 4X2 minutes with a 90 second break, 10 minutes cooldown.

I didn’t do it.

Yesterday was also my return to the real world, my first day back at work since December 20, when I had my wisdom teeth removed. In true “return to the real world” fashion, I messed up my schedule. I had a doctor’s appointment at 8am, which meant no morning running (unless I got up at 5am, which isn’t going to happen) and I had an important social engagement in the evening, which I spent the past two weeks thinking it was today. I’d like to believe that if I had known better, I would have booked my doctor’s appointment on a different day and ran in the morning, like the good marathoner I am.

That’s a lie.

So I didn’t run. I drank too much wine instead. Then we got nachos because I had SO MANY THOUGHTS about said social engagement. (Which turned into a debate about Take This Waltz. Yet again. See that movie. Tell me your thoughts!!!)

It’s not the biggest deal, because today, Day 4, is supposed to be a rest day. I’ll do my speedwork tonight instead.

Except last night brought a bucket of snow. Which means I need to find a track indoors (eff treadmills, people) or do speedwork in the snow.

I probably deserve it.

The nachos were delicious, by the way.



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