Marathon Training Day #4: Speedwork


After yesterday’s mix-up, it was time to work hard. Or at least do what I’m told.

And what I was told to do today is this:

“Start with a 10min warmup at an easy pace. Then pick up the pace for 2min followed by a 90sec recovery (walking or a light jog). Repeat this 4 times. The fast pace should feel difficult but not like an all out sprint. Finish with a 10min light jog as a cool down.”

Done! Although I was a bit confused about the 90 second intervals and walked in between my warm-up and first sprint and my last sprint and my cool down just in case. This was probably wrong, but what can you do? I tried my best. I added a few extra cool down minutes to my route because it was cold and I wanted to get home! Go me for the extra mile (0.26 km)!

Then I came home and foam rolled.

Blogger upon blogger write about the amazing-ness of the foam roller. And since I can’t afford a personal¬†masseuse¬†(I know! I can’t believe it either!) I asked for one for Christmas and Matt’s brother delivered.

I have used it every day since and it is the best.

I’ve had off and on hip problems that I’ve been too stubborn lazy stupid to deal with, but 4 days into my training, it feels as good as it ever has for about a year.

I believe I have my foam roller to thank for that.


The run: 5.4k in 35:47

The route:

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