Marathon Training Day #6: Power hour


In order to avoid running four days in a row (long run tomorrow!), I chose to skip my optional run and made a yoga date with my pal Jessie instead (hi Jessie!). Jessie recently finished the 30-day intro pass at Kula (best studio in Toronto, I swear!) so we decided to meet up for the 3pm power hour and then get coffee after.

The class was PACKED. Like, every stretch that was not completely vertical hit someone. And I got there late-ish and scored the worst spot in the room: the back corner. I had two walls to deal with. Fun times.

The power hour at Kula is a pretty set sequence, but today’s teacher, Ana Maria, took a lot of liberties with it. Maybe it’s because it was so busy (who are you people who wait until January 1, then go all out with your work-outs?) or maybe it’s just how she rolls. Either way, I was grateful because my quads were super tight from my runs the two days before and my mat was slick with humidity and sweat after the first warrior sequence. It wasn’t the most fun yoga class ever, but it’ll do.

Then Jessie and I got apple cider instead of coffee and it was awesome.



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