Marathon Training Day #7: Running long



Yesterday, I dropped my old running shoes (above) off at the Nike store on Bloor Street. Their Reuse-a-Shoe program will turn them into basketball courts and tracks and other good things. I’ve been hanging on to these shoes for way too long (garbage guilt), so I’m glad they are being put to good use.

Also being put to good use are my new bought-for-marathon-training shoes. Today, I tested them with my first long run. The plan? 13k, run as 10 and 1s. My pal Kendal emailed me last week wanting to know if I wanted to do 8k with her and our friend Kate. The answer? Yes! (It’s always yes. If you want someone to run with, email me. I will come.)

We planned to meet at Danforth and Coxwell at 10am. I would run the 5ish kms there, we’d run 8ish together, then finish at Kendal’s house for coffee and cornbread (mmmmmmmm).

I woke up later than planned, headed out later than planned and ran slower than planned. This meant I didn’t get to Danforth and Coxwell until 10:15. (Sorry, Kate and Kendal!). I did 10&1s until that point, but ran straight for the group run, as Kendal and Kate are not 10&1-type runners. It was good to have them there, they push me. This was my first run over 10k since August and it was snowy and cold and generally gross and our post-holiday chatter was a welcome distraction.

I was sore and worn-out by the end, but felt accomplished.

Tomorrow is an optional rest day, but I’m going to take it. It’s only week one, after all.



The run: 13.8k in 1:39:15

The route:

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #7: Running long

    • Erin says:

      Maybe next time! I had no idea it was a big deal to skip them sometimes, until I told Andie I didn’t do them after our run!

      And, honestly, I’m sure not doing them occasionally will be not that big a deal for my training overall. Next time, I’ll just let Andie know if I’m running with friends for part of my long run and we’ll work it out beforehand!

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