Marathon Training Day #8: Rest

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Today is day 8. This means week one is done. Today is assigned as a “Rest or cross-train” day, but since I’ve worked out four days in a row right now, I’m taking it as a rest day.

Last week was tiring, but went well. I wish I had gotten a yin yoga class in there somewhere, but as long as I foam roll, I think it’ll be okay.

Week two’s plan looks a lot like week one:

Monday: Rest (I’m tired! I want to rest!)

Tuesday: 8k @ a moderate tempo (last week, I stopped on my run twice, so my coach told me I’m only allowed to stop once this week. Okay, coach!)

Wednesday: Speedwork (This time it’s at the track! Fancy! 6×400 splits with 90 second breaks. Anyone know an outdoor track in Toronto that’s actually in commission right now?)

Thursday: REST (holla!)

Friday:¬†Hilly 30 minute route (I’m going to try to do a hillier route than last week.)

Saturday: Optional 45 minute run (I may choose to do yoga instead. We’ll see.)

Sunday: 15k route at an easy pace, as 10 and 1s (my coach stressed I MUST do 10 and 1s. I didn’t last week — oops! — so am planning to do this route solo so it’s easier to do what I’m told!)

That’s it! I’m feeling more confident about this week than last. I also plan to sleep more this week than last too. Because sleep is good.


4 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #8: Rest

  1. Jenn @ Running and Lifting says:

    I really wish Riverdale track wasn’t covered in snow and ice, it’s right near me. The only other track that comes to mind is Central Tech @ Bathurst and Bloor but I can’t speak about the condition of it right now.

    Let me know if you find one!

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