Marathon Training Day #9: 8k after work



Yesterday was another one of those days, I struggled too squeeze a run in. Mornings are too dark and work is too busy. And I had a 7pm community meeting that I really wanted to attend (there were ukeleles!) and I knew I wouldn’t run after that. So the only legitimate option was to run 8k from work to home. Fast.

So I did. The streets were packed and I felt like I hit every red light on the route. But when I got home at 6:45, with time to get cleaned up before the meeting, I felt accomplished and smart.

But now all my stuff — my computer, my wallet, my lunch bag — are all at work. Oh well. You got to do what you got to do.



The run: 7.8k in 47:21

The route:

4 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #9: 8k after work

  1. Nancy Francis says:

    Ok – So I’m like 90% sure I’m signing up for the Goodlife Fitness Half Marathon in May.

    And I’m scared about it. The furthest I’ve run so far is 12k, which was easier the first time than the second (christmas day, in the snow, wearing snow trekkers…. might have been ambitious).

    I know you’re working with a trainer, would you suggest doing that or doing the best I can with schedules I find online as well as tweaking it with my personal trainer?

    any tips!?

    • Erin says:

      Yay Nancy! That’s great!! And you’ll be fine, the farthest I had ever run when I signed up for my first half was 10k. And I wasn’t running regularly at all.

      The Goodlife half was my first half and I really enjoyed it!

      I used Hal Higdon’s plans. I did the Novice 2 for my first two and it was great, but pushed everything ahead a day so my long runs were on Sunday and did yoga for my “cross” days.

      Here’s his website:

      I’d also recommend doing 10&1s for your long runs when they get past 15k, I found they helped me maintain my energy better than when I ran straight out. They help psychologically too (“I only have to run 10 minutes” instead of “I have to run another 15k!”)

      I’m so excited for you!!

      • Nancy Francis says:

        Thanks so much! I was actually looking at Hal Higdon’s plans yesterday as well 🙂 I think I’ll keep the long runs on Saturday – such that my rest day will coincide with my hangover day 😉

        Just trying to sort out how to keep up my personal training sessions and get a second rest day in there somewhere – and absolutely need to do yoga more consistently. I live right around the corner from yogayogaeast so I’m hoping to start darkening their doorstep more frequently.

        Happy to hear that you went for the half after only running 10 as well – whew! thanks so much for the tips!

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