Yoga. Surf. RawFood: Day #1

Happy New Year!! I’m back in Toronto, where it’s cold outside and there’s snow on the ground. This is completely acceptable for this time of year, but I am sad. Why does this upset me so, you may ask? It’s because I just returned home after spending my holidays and New Year on a beach in Nosara, Costa Rica with my favourite yoga teacher Jackie Szabo and my 39 new friends!

Yes, I went on another yoga retreat and, yes, I went on one back in March with Jackie.

When Jackie told me she was organizing another yoga retreat over New Years I knew by hell or high water I would be there with her to celebrate. I just had to! Jackie invited two of her favourite yogis – Kevin Courtney and Ezmy Stavroff – if Jackie’s favourite teachers were going to be there, there was no way I would miss this.

After a lovely Christmas with the Elliott’s in Minden I drove back to Toronto, packed my things and woke up early Boxing Day to catch my flight to San Jose. I took a few extras days to travel Costa Rica before the retreat started. Costa Rica is so beautiful and all I did for 10 days is yoga, surfed and ate raw food… well for the most part that’s all I did.


My week schedule!

My week schedule!


Day 1:
The retreat officially began Saturday evening, but where I arrived early Jackie suggested we practice in the morning before we headed to Nosara that afternoon. Jackie lead the silent class and gave us a small taste of the hip opener class to come. Brendan then lead the floor series with lots of gentle twists. I was beyond happy practicing with Jackie once again. It’s been months and months since I’ve seen her last!

That afternoon I met Kevin — The Kevin, Jackie’s inspiration. He’s the man behind Jackie’s corky, fun things we do in class. Like buzzing like bees and shaking! Kevin was so humble and wonderful to talk with. We all then jumped in Kevin’s car and headed to Nosara to pick up my 7 passenger taxi. I offered to help Jackie out this time around, she put me on driving duty. But, in return, surfing all day everyday was in store for me! I thought it was an excellent deal.

Late that afternoon the rest of the crew arrived and Kevin lead us through a light flow class and introduced qigong meditation. This felt great after days of traveling. We shook and “huh’ed” out our breath as we released the energy blocks in our bodies. I knew then and there that Kevin would be a inspiration to my own teachings.

A great week was ahead, I could feel it.


Every morning we did yoga! Yes, we did.

Every morning we did yoga! Yes, we did.

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