Marathon Training Day #13: Uh, soup?

I had big plans today. Run. Shop. Clean. Cook. Party. Yoga.

The shop, clean, cook and party happened. But along the way, so did wine and good times. Which makes running and yoga so much harder.

I hosted a soup exchange today, an idea I stole from For the Love of Awesome. You invite 6-8 people, who each bring soup in individual containers. Then you swap, going home with the same amount of soup you came with, but with DIFFERENT kinds of soup. Genius.

So my morning was filled with prep for that. And then Christie (hi Christie!) brought wine to the soup exchange, and who turns down wine?

Not me!

So running — okay, exercising — didn’t happen today.

But it was worth it.

Tomorrow, I have 15k on the calendar. Then I will eat soup.

It will be great.


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