Marathon Training Day #15: Ugh

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Yesterday, I felt like crap.

My body’s various aches and pains were all aligned against me. So, instead of going to yoga, like I planned, I went home after work, put on pajamas and went to bed at 8pm.

I blame this on a bunch of things: no yoga last week (as you can see above), being a lady and adjusting to running this much.

I also ordered new running shoes on the internet to see if that will make my foot pain go away. Based on extensive googling (it’s the new health care!), I’m reasonably certain it’s tendonitis.  I’ll give these new shoes a go this week, and if my foot doesn’t improve, I’ll make a doctor’s appointment next week.

I promise!

This is the week 3 plan:

Monday: Rest. It’s Tuesday, can’t change that now.

Tuesday: 8k. Depending on how I feel after work, I may pull a “run to yoga.”

Wednesday: Speedwork. 5×600 this time. Yikes.

Thursday: REST.

Friday: 45 minute hilly run.

Saturday: Optional 45 minute run. This might be a good day for yoga as well. If I can last this long without it.

Sunday: 17k LSD.

Everything is amped up this week. Even writing that out made me feel tired.

Tonight might be another 8pm bed time.



3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #15: Ugh

  1. JK says:

    I feel that Gretchen would support going to bed at 8 p.m. So would yoga. It would say “Listen to your body. It wants to go to bed at 8.”

    • Erin says:

      Yes! What would Gretchen do? It’s up there with What would Kerry/Carrie do? isn’t it?

      The sleep helped. I still didn’t feel 100% percent this am. It might be another early night again tonight.

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