Yoga. Surf. RawFood: Day #3

Another sunshine filled day, another morning I woke to howler monkeys. (These guys were going to take some getting used to.) Despite the early wake-up, I was pumped for surfing and pumped for the evening to come! It was New Year’s Eve and the reason I was in Costa Rica, to celebrate 2013 with strangers, Jackie, and my fellow Costa Rician yogis from the Moving into Stillness retreat. Who needs alcohol when you have the beach, the jungle, and a giant bon fire?!

Day 3:
Kevin began our last morning of 2012 with more qigong meditation. This involved more shaking and more thumping — every joint, limb, muscle, everything! — we were shaking out a whole year of stress, sadness, and anything that didn’t serve us. It was time to let go and get on track. I was preparing for a whole new year of change!

Kevin then guided us through a vinyasa flow class to follow. His attention to detail and the manner in which he teaches is truly remarkable. I am a huge fan of this teachings, and see why Jackie is too. I felt strong and fluid this morning. A great feeling for the new year to come, lots of positive energy was surrounding me. I could feel it!


Jackie, Kevin, and Emzy!

Jackie, Kevin, and Ezmy!


That afternoon was surf time! And, of course, surfing rocked. I worked with my surf coach Kimberley once again. This time we moved on to an advanced surfing technique to get out to the big waves faster: the turtle dive. Basically, you tuck and roll under the wave before it crashes into your face. I was exhausted by the end of it. Surfing is a lot of work for a little high. But it’s totally worth it! I was riding my own waves again and I wasn’t feeling afraid. Success!

Evening yin was lead by Ezmy once again. Another fantastic class — yin always is especially after surfing — but this one was cut short due to the New Year’s Eve festivities. After dinner, we gathered in a group and wrote down, and then shared, our fears, goals, thoughts, and resolutions for the year to come. Retreats blow my mind with the emotion and pure honesty that comes up. The therapeutic side reveals itself in a healing and accepting way. It’s absolutely amazing. People break down walls and open up, it’s a beautiful thing. We then partnered up and stared into each others eyes for 10 minutes. The uncomfortable and unsettling fidgeting took place, but ease and curiosity then took over. The power to look at someone, really look at them, can tell you a lot with out having to know or talk to them. Then we shook it all out! Just like I have done before.

Everyone then marched to the beach in silence and burned the things that came up we didn’t want to carry with us into the new year! It was invigorating to throw a piece of paper in the fine. But I believe it was the start of my big change for 2013.


Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

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