Marathon Training Day #17: Lunch Time Yoga

I did not take this photo. Blogger fail.

I did not take this photo. Blogger fail.


I know, I know. Wednesday was supposed to be speedwork.

But two things happened.

First, my friend Alison (hi, Alison!) organized a Seinfeld trivia night last night. I am terrible at trivia (unless it’s about Baby-Sitters Club or celebrity heights), but wanted to come out and support my friend.

Second, I NEEDED to do yoga. It’s weird how your body gets like that. A few years ago, I thought yoga a couple times a month was more than enough. Now, if I don’t do it a couple times a week, my body starts to rebel. And I haven’t been doing it enough since starting my training.

Yesterday, work was light on meetings, so I  squeezed in the 50 minute lunch time hot class at Yoga Tree. It felt good to stretch. My muscles are TIGHT. And my shoulder still isn’t 100% recovered from my bike spill in December — but I had never noticed while running. Yoga can do that.

I’ll do my speedwork today and hills on Friday. That means this is the third week in a row that I won’t be doing my “optional” Saturday run, but I’m okay with that.

Maybe I’ll do yoga that day instead.



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