Marathon Training Day #21: 17k LSD

Tea. The best winter running recovery drink.

Tea. The best winter running recovery drink.

Yesterday, I was convinced that the 17k long run I had planned for today was going to hurt.

It did.

Because of yesterday’s day of epic fitness, I pushed back the long run until mid-afternoon, hoping the extra hours would give my legs a much needed break. Jill came over to run with me and we headed out around 12:30. The first half of the run was pleasant, cold but sunny.

The second half of the run was a bonafide snow storm.

How do we get from running on the boardwalk with run streaming on our faces, waving at fellow runners to running straight into snow blowing horizontally with everyone you pass looking at you like you’re insane?

Climate change, I think.

Anyway, this run was long and slow and cold and tough. But it’s done.



The run: 16.6k in 2:13:34
The route:

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