Marathon Training Day #22: Working for the weeknight

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Rest! Joyful, joyful rest! While I have the choice to cross-train, after last week’s epic training. I’m taking the day off to get caught up on work. Holy shit, I have a lot of work.

It’s “recovery” week according to my schedule, but it seems that the only thing that’s “recovery” about it is my long run. Proof:

Monday: Rest. And sitting down work. And drinking. But mostly work, I swear.
Tuesday: 10k (I’m also doing a FREE body pilates flow I do not understand)
Wednesday: Speedwork (I can’t give you specifics, as I don’t know what it is yet.)
Thursday: REST (yes!!!!!!!)
Friday: 60 minute hill training (I also have a yoga date this day, how will I squeeze them both in?)
Saturday: optional run (but I have pubruns, so it won’t be optional!)
Sunday: 12k LSD (This will be bliss compared t this week’s long run)

There you go! What do you have planned this week?



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