Marathon Training Day #23: Treacherous Treadmill


It’s release week at GoodLife, which meant JK could bring a friend to a few select classes. The Tuesday night 6:30 BodyFlow class worked for both of us, so we agreed to hit that up. I also needed to get 10k in (coach’s orders) so I planned to either run home if the weather was good or hit the treadmill if the weather was bad.

The BodyFlow class was fine. The instructor did his best and I appreciate a music-infused yoga class, but the combo of a chilly room and crappy sound system meant I never got into it. I see the advantages of having this on their schedule for members — why join a gym AND a yoga studio if you don’t have to? — but I’ll stick to my beloved Kula for now. (What classes on the GoodLife schedule are worth checking out? So far, BodyPump is a yes. BodyFlow is a no. Any suggestions?!)

The weather was bad, so it was treadmill time. Treadmills are the worst. I might have survived if I had known about the headset system for the TV (which I didn’t). But running in one spot and reading closed caption is my idea of fitness hell. Next time, I’ll hit the elliptical and bring a magazine. That kind of workout I can handle. I didn’t make it to 10k. 8.2k was all I could take. Which is close enough, right? And not bad since I haven’t hit a treadmill since 2007.

I have a 6k speed work out planned tomorrow. I may give the treadmill one more try, if it’s as cold tomorrow as it is today.

Do you use a treadmill? How do you survive? I desperately need advice on this one.



2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #23: Treacherous Treadmill

  1. Jewel of Toronto says:

    Truly, only BodyPump is worth going to at Glife but even Pump gets boring after a few months, IMHO.

    The distraction of bad TV is the only thing that helps me with indoor cardio. That or a spinning class.

    I’ve been enjoying following your training- keep up the good work!

    • Erin says:

      Thanks Jewel!!

      I can see BPump getting repetitive for sure. Fortunately, I go 2 times a month on average, which isn’t regular enough for it to get boring — YET.

      I heart bad TV. I need to figure out those headphones.

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