Marathon Training Day #27: Standing on my hands

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Another Saturday, another day filled with fitness excursions. I spent the morning running with pals Kate and Trish for PubRuns. It wasn’t as hilly as it should have been, but since it’s recovery week, I’m not going to think about it too much. The weather was perfect for winter running, cold but sunny.

After winding through the city, we ended up at Junction Eatery. My legs were tired and I was happy to stop. (This makes me nervous, given that whole “recovery” thing.) Brunch was delicious, and then I was off to the Annex to do handstands with JK at a handstand workshop at Kula.

I cannot get up. I feel strong enough, but my instructor Christi-an says I have too much “organic energy” which I think is a polite way of saying I have no control. But I did learn a lot about hand placement and core strength and believe I am closer to doing an actual handstand than I was before the workshop.

Tonight, I’m taking it easy. Tomorrow I have 12k to do. It’s not long, but I need to feel fresh again. And soon.



The run: 6.3k in ??? (forgot my watch!)
The route:



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