I’m going to be a yoga teacher!



It was a bittersweet day last Thursday in the office. I decided to leave my job — for a part time position with the same company — in order to have time to be a yoga teacher!

I don’t know if it was the Costa Rician air (more recaps of my latest yoga retreat are coming!), Jackie’s departure from Moksha Downtown, meeting Ted Grand, my California adventure with Cecilley, or what I was drinking at that moment, but back in November I submitted my application for the Moksha Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles. And I haven’t looked back.

Exactly a month later, when that congratulatory email arrived in my inbox, to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Now, here I was faced with the ultimate decision: leave the comfort of my 9-5 job with great people working for a great company for the complete unknown and unpredictable? Am I ready to leave behind everything I’ve known for the past two years? This was exactly what I wanted, why was I afraid? I wanted 2013 to be my year of change. It’s only January I can now cross this resolution off my list! Because I am going to be a yoga teacher!

The Mosksha Yoga teacher training is a year-long commitment to learn to teach and live your yoga. I have a 30 day intensive training to complete, followed by 11 months to fulfill the 200 hour Distance Learning program. The 30 day intensive takes place February 15-March 16 at Moksha LA. So what’s in store for me once I get there? Major detoxing, yoga, self discovery, and so much more!

So here I go, watch out LA. I am coming.


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