Marathon Training Day #29: I am blind, as far as the eye can see

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I got new glasses today. I can see. They are making me nauseous My eye doctor said that’s normal, but if I still feel nauseated (see what I did there? Used the terms correctly! Grammar win!) after two weeks to come back and she’ll fix it.

I’m assuming that if I multiply this by 1000, this is what being pregnant feels like. A little.

Today is Monday. Today I rest. With my first recovery week behind me, week #5 is all about the Benjamins Miles.

Monday: rest or cross-train. I choose rest! I surprise no one!
Tuesday: 10k at a comfortable pace
Wednesday: 8×400 with 90 second rests in between
Thursday: REST
Friday: 30 minute hills
Saturday: 30 minute optional run
Sunday: 18k LSD

Soon my long runs will be 20k plus. Let’s enjoy the 18k while I still can.



2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #29: I am blind, as far as the eye can see

  1. Jenn @ Running and Lifting says:

    Hopefully your eyes adjust to your glasses quickly. I have both glasses and contacts, and I wear my contacts 99% of the time. I find when I do put on my glasses, I feel a bit dizzy at first (and same when I put my contacts back in after being in glasses), but it goes away quickly.

    Good luck on your training this week!

    • Erin says:

      Thanks! The glasses adjustment period is weird, for sure, especially since one eye is now worse than the other, so the new prescription is different and apparently my right eye was compensating. So now that it doesn’t have too, glasses removal is crazy. Eyeballs are crazy!

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