Yoga. Surf. RawFood: Day #4

Happy New Year! Let’s go back to January 1st, 2013 — day 4 of my yoga retreat. 2013 is the year I deemed as the year of big change. And it will be I’m going to be a yoga teacher remember?! That’s the plan. I’ve been sending this energy out there, to the universe, for I don’t know how long! And now I feel as though my stars are aligning. In the fire on New Year’s Eve, I burned fear and self doubt, and with that comes letting go of regret. I think back to where I was in September when I almost decided not to go on the retreat. But Jackie knew this decision wasn’t coming from my heart. It was fearful and worry clouding my mind. Thankfully, I listened to myself (and to Jackie’s advice) because I would have lived with this regret for a very long time.

Day 4:
2013 started off in the most perfect way I could imagine: vinyasa with Jackie! Jackie took us though a sequence focusing on lots of hip openers and back bends. It was the start of a brand new year, time to ring out all that stale energy! This class was extra special. My body moves to the smooth rhythm of Jackie’s words, I don’t just hear Jackie’s instructions I feel them. Ohhh I have shivers thinking about it and how I’m going to offer my class and practice to future yogis. It’s exciting stuff!

After class I meet my new surfing best friend (hi Mandy!) and two very lovely ladies for Moksha Downtown (hi Maria and Cathy!). Maria will be accompanying me to LA. She was also accepted to the Moksha Teacher Training. I am so overjoyed by this whole experience.

That afternoon, before hitting the waves, I went for a (very) quick run. I was in Costa Rica! It was hot! And I needed to conserve my energy for surfing. I ran for a good 20 minutes to Black Sand Beach. Erin’s training for a marathon and I am determined to run a marathon too. So I went for a run.

I blame the stupid run for what happened next. But in all honestly, when have I ever surfed 3 days in a row? Umm never. My arms were like jelly, sadly I was not the surfing superstar I had played up to be. I was tired and drained and I could not pop up on my board if my life depended on it. And today of all days Kimbo (the head surf instructor at the Nosara Surf Academy) was in the water taking pictures! I do not have documented footage of me on my board. This saddens me a great deal.

Everybody go surfing!

Everybody go surfing!

Back at the our yoga headquarters Ezmy lead another amazing yin class. My battered body and sore arms need the stretching and tenderness. The surfing yogi lives a hard life!

That evening Kevin gave a super interesting talk on the 8 Limbs of Yoga. So much I have to look forward to. And that, my friends, is how I spent New Years Day 2013.

Beach time! Happy New Year to me.

Beach time! Happy New Year to me.

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