Marathon Training Day #34: Rolling (hills) on the river(side)


Contemplating the world of fitness blogging.

Contemplating the world of fitness blogging.

JK and I made a squash date for this morning. After learning my lesson from my epic Saturday of fitness two weeks ago, I decided to bypass the BodyPump. And even though my body is screaming to go to yoga, I opted to pass on that as well. I’ll get it in eventually. (I did get a new massage referral from a doctor, though, and booked an appointment for tomorrow post-run, hooray!).

Squash was good, seeing JK was good. Then I went home and did a bunch of work. When I finished that up (okay, when I got sick of that), I headed out for my 30 minute hilly run around 4pm. I felt stiff and sore and it was cold. I probably need to stretch more.
Tomorrow, 18k is on the schedule. Yikes. Soon I will pass half-marathon distance. It’s terrifying to think about.


The run: 4.7k in 30:44

The route:

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