Marathon Training Day Day #35: 18k on Leslie Spit

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Thanks to a combination of stress, bad posture and no yoga, my back was tense. I booked a massage on Sunday, with the plan of running 18k beforehand. Then I slept it, so I went to my massage first.

The plan for the massage was to tackle my back and shoulders, but once I casually mentioned “if she had time” if she could work on my IT Bands, it turned into a runner’s massage. And it was painful — in a good way. I learned I was “doing something right” when it comes to my calves (I’m assuming my compression socks are working) and that my hip pain is a result of my IT Band, as expected, but my band is messed up at my knee. And my IT Band is probably why I don’t have a ton of mobility in my knees in yoga — which explains SO MUCH. My hip flexors are pretty open, but I can’t do pigeon or anything that requires my legs to be bent in different directions without pain. And now I know why.

I came home, ate lunch, then headed out to do 18k around 3. I wanted to be done in time to watch the SuperBowl (how crazy was THAT game?). 10 and 1s, slow and steady. I like running Leslie Spit because it’s practically deserted in the winter and there’s no stop lights to worry about. And the view of the Toronto skyline can’t be beat.

I started to fade about 15k in, and convinced myself to power through. After a certain point, running becomes a mental game. That’s something I need to work on before I tackle 42.2.



The run: 18.2k in 2:23:51
The route:

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day Day #35: 18k on Leslie Spit

    • Erin says:

      Yay, I’m glad my maps are useful!

      I LOVE Leslie Spit. It’s a bizarro nature-land so close to downtown. The entire loop is 10k, but it’s got a lot of side paths and trails, so it’s easy to get in whatever you need to.

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